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Aplex V.A. Serves the High-quality Development of Enterprises by Strengthening Enterprise Management in Line with World-class Standards

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Aplex V.A. Serves the High-quality Development of Enterprises by Strengthening Enterprise Management in Line with World-class Standards

December 01
17:51 2020

According to research conducted by Euler Hermes, a subsidiary of Allianz SE, there will be a wave of corporate bankruptcy from the end of this year to the first half of next year. It is estimated that from 2019 to 2021, the number of companies declaring bankruptcy will increase by 35%. The success of enterprises depends on the management to a great extent. Under the environment of a stagnant market economy, the operation of enterprises has been seriously hindered, and more and more enterprises are deeply mired in management dilemma. Especially with the rapid development of mobile Internet today, the traditional management mode has many drawbacks, which cannot adapt to the new production demand, and greatly restricts the production efficiency and benefit of enterprises. Under this condition, the quality of management has become a crucial link for the sustainable development of enterprises.

As a global financial consulting institution, Aplex V.A. knows clearly that the operation and management of an enterprise contribute to each other. Since its establishment, Aplex V.A. has always adhered to the service concept of assisting the sustainable development of enterprises, upheld the direction of guiding enterprise development by high-quality products and consulting services, and persisted in leading the transformation and upgrading of enterprises through advancing with the times and technological innovation. Aplex V.A. comprehensively focused on the research of four major business areas, that is, wealth management, management consulting, capital advisory and risk advisory, and deeply developed New Zealand marketplace and further radiate the Asian market. It is committed to providing tailor-made comprehensive management consulting services to global enterprise customers, plans and implements innovative solutions to reduce enterprise management costs and improve internal operational efficiency, thereby optimizing the performance, improving the overall management level and competitiveness, and ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises.

After years of industry accumulation, Aplex V.A. has accumulated a large number of enterprise customers, including world-renowned enterprises, leading enterprises in sub-sectors and leading enterprises in IT, finance, medical care, hotels, aviation, retail and insurance and other industries. Aplex V.A. has successfully worked out internal management plans for enterprises in various fields, and solved the problem of management in depth.

Taking a leading international insurance enterprise that Aplex V.A. has served as an example, thanks to the vigorous development of the insurance industry and the promotion of national policies, the enterprise has gradually developed from a small group with 13 employees to a leading enterprise in the development of the world insurance industry in just five years since its establishment, and it has achieved considerable expansion and sustained and rapid growth at home and abroad. However, behind the radical expansion, the “sequela” of management loopholes has gradually become prominent. The most typical one is that due to the need of business expansion, the enterprise indulged in meeting the explosive demand for personnel, and ignored the construction of the human management system, which not only seriously dragged down the overall business development of the enterprise, but also reflected the weakness of blind expansion. Although many attempts have been made to restructure and integrate the internal human management after that, all ended in failure. Eventually, the enterprise chose to cooperate with Aplex V.A. on human management.

In view of the lack of human management in this enterprise and the service characteristics of the enterprise in insurance industry, Aplex V.A. firstly guided the enterprise to realize the customer-centered human resource allocation mode from the aspect of optimizing the human resource organization structure; organized the training and construction of the leadership team, and tailored the personalized leadership development plan by adopting global leading leadership style-behavior report to improve the leadership of the management team; systematically optimized the contract system with employees to cultivate employees’ cultural identity and business awareness and efficiently enhance the ability of management and professional talents that are compatible with the development strategy of enterprises; promoted the digital transformation of data-driven human management with the strong research and development strength of the team. After the implementation of this series of customized programs, Aplex V.A. successfully helped the enterprise to stabilize its human resources management system, the top-level strategy of the enterprise was well implemented, and the enterprise performance also achieved faster growth than before.

In the era of big data, the effective management will be the key to the survival of enterprises. Especially when the enterprise develops to a certain extent, the continuous intensification of market competition and the sharp increase of business volume will inevitably put forward higher requirements for enterprise management. It is impossible for any enterprise to wall itself off from the consequences of development. In the future, the professional and practical consulting team of Aplex V.A. will play a role in the current changing business environment and guide more enterprises to achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development.

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