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“Motherhood Moments To Wine About”, a journaling book now on Kickstarter

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“Motherhood Moments To Wine About”, a journaling book now on Kickstarter

November 17
20:24 2020
Seeking support via Kickstarter, a unique way for mothers to remember and recall the tense moments by the kids.

John Graham, an artist, writer, publisher, father and a husband, creates unique fun books for all ages. John has recently made a full-colored, 64 paged, 8.5X8.5, a hardback book featuring kids doing all the mischievous things they do. The book includes pictures of scenarios like trashed bathrooms, colored walls, tantrums being thrown and many other similar unpleasant events by the kids. The pictures are followed by a journal area, where the mothers can recall a similar activity done by the kids.

The book isn’t just about recording the challenging moments, there are some scenarios where the mothers can recall how they overcame the mess and then had a relaxing moment. Moreover, there are pages to record moments that are a reminder of how great it is being a mom. The book will also become an important part of the family for years to come. When the children get older, they forget all the naughty stuff they had done in the early ages, and it can be fun to remember all those events from their childhood and have a good laugh.

The Kickstarter campaign features the book itself along with some accessories for the moms. The seamless metal wine glass is a merlot-colored with lid and displays the phrase “I’ve had a motherhood moment … to wine about”. A corkscrew is also included in the package, which says “Mommy’s little helper”. This corkscrew is stainless-steel, double-hinged, 5-turn worm and serrated foil cutter with integrated bottle opener. The Betty bottle topper is a unique way of letting people know whether the mom is now ready to socialize with people or not. Placing the Betty bottle topper upside down will read “Not Yet” communicating that the mom needs some more rest while placing it right side up will read “Let’s Talk”, indicating that the mom has rested and is open for communication.

The funding received from the campaign via Kickstarter can be helpful for the book. It can be supported here:

This Kickstarter campaign will be quite a lot helpful in the promotion of the book. The book and the accessories like the wine glass, bottle topper and corkscrew are going to be sold with the wineries as well. Moms will visit more wineries with the product and in turn, it will help sell the products even more. The funding received will also be used to expand the e-commerce of the website and to go international, selling the products outside the US market.


Motherhood Moments To Wine About is a book made by a father, John Graham, for mothers who have experienced some of the most naughty moments from their children. It can be seen as an outlet for the mothers to journal all these events and then later recall them by visiting the book with the family.

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