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Put The Brakes On Road Rage with Aid of LeadFoot App and Community

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Put The Brakes On Road Rage with Aid of LeadFoot App and Community

November 17
12:48 2020
Put The Brakes On Road Rage with Aid of LeadFoot App and Community

Though most people would not see themselves as aggressive drivers, most people do not realize that their ordinary skills and reactions may automatically put them into that category. If left pent up, these aggressive feelings can bubble over into episodes of road rage.

To help people deal with their emotions in a healthier manner, Yarding Technologies LLC. has developed a new app called “LeadFoot”. This app gives people, who are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic with rage boiling under the surface, a space to go to get it out of their system.

Little Known Signs Of Road Rage

One may be the calmest and most even-tempered person in the world. However, traffic and driving can bring out a different side of everyone. If drivers end up muttering under their breath while tailgating someone, flashing their lights at the person in front of them because they feel that people ahead are going to slow, speed up to beat the red light, and more things, they are susceptible to exploding in a road rage event.

The story of the drivers, whom road ragers are getting angry at, can never be exactly known. Perhaps those drivers just had a shock and did not know what they are doing. Maybe they are a visitor to the area and got turned around. Possibly, they are simply a bad driver. People can’t control what is going on in other people’s cars, but they can control themselves. That is where the Leadfoot app will come for help.

The Theory Behind LeadFoot

Leadfoot will give people who deal with crazy road situations regularly a community to help them deal with it. All posts on the site have to be related to driving – from road rage situations, pictures of insane backups, rush-hour thoughts, and even just sharing a #SeatBeltSelfie if people feel they are looking excellent on a particular day.

All posts are to be done only when app users are not driving the vehicle, as the whole point is to promote safe driving practices. Safe driving will help to reduce accidents and save lives. The most important thing to remember in the LeadFoot community is that everyone will make a mistake at some point in time when they are behind the wheel.

How others react to that mistake is the critical thing, and LeadFoot intends to help people see that everyone encounters these situations and injects a feeling of community and fun to help people deal with their rage in a better way.

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