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Explore the 5th taste with UMAMI KEYSTONE: Umami Powder

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Explore the 5th taste with UMAMI KEYSTONE: Umami Powder

November 10
14:03 2020

It has long been believed that people can distinguish four basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. However, in 1908, Kikumae Ikeda, a scientist at the University of Tokyo, discovered that glutamate (an ionized form of the amino acid glutamic acid) evoked a unique sense of taste that could not be characterized by any previously known taste. After decades of struggling with conventional wisdom, the knowledge of the fifth taste was finally accepted. The word umami has now become popular as it is published even in overseas dictionaries. Although there is no official translation in English for Umami, the closest word to describe this would be “Savory”. UMAMI is one of the ingredients that symbolize the Japanese dashi culture and is a natural part of Japanese people’s lives.

According to Wikipedia “It is scientifically proven that umami increases when amino acid-based and nucleic acid-based umami components, which are contained in 100% natural ingredients in certain marine products, agricultural products, and livestock products, are mixed in foods. This is called the “synergistic effect of umami”.

Global Brand, Inc., a company that provides Japanese food products to the world, realized that there are almost no seasonings that bring out the essence of UMAMI to its fullest extent, which is the strength of its synergistic effect. This led to the produce UMAMI KEYSTONE Umami Powder, a product that allows for the blending of UMAMI flavors. Their production bases are in Japan, where UMAMI was first discovered, and they complete all processing and production within a single “Made in Japan” system, which allows producing products without compromising the original taste of UMAMI.

As a universal spice, UMAMI can be a spice in the cooking process of various dishes, and also as a tasty addition to dishes after cooking. It is suitable for steak (beef), cheese, tomatoes, fish, fish sauce, eggs, fermented foods, and fermented spices, which have a synergistic effect with their umami components.

Global Brand Inc. uses carefully selected dried shiitake mushrooms from the Japanese prefecture of Miyazaki, which are certified kosher, and which are ground in their factory under HACCP (an international hygiene management method that attempts to ensure product safety in all processes from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of products).

Umami Powder is made from the highest quality shiitake mushrooms grown in the forests of Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture on sweet-sapped oak logs. They are carefully cultivated and harvested by local farmers. To maintain the quality and fragrance of shiitake mushrooms, they are stored in a controlled environment for no more than 15 °C at room temperature and 55% humidity. Shiitake mushrooms are dried at 240 °C for 4 minutes and 20 seconds because guanylic acid, a component of umami, increases when they are dried in an environment over 60 °C. There are many types of umami ingredients, and mixing several of them is said to increase the aroma up to 30 times.

UMAMI KEYSTONE Umami Powder is available on Amazon in 100g of content. Although the exterior is made of kraft paper, the inside is made of aluminum, which blocks sunlight, so there is no risk of deterioration. When selling on, the products are stock in the US Amazon’s Warehouse though, shipped to outside the United States.


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UMAMI KEYSTONE Powder from Global Brand Inc. is a product you much try. Explore the 5th taste with Umami recipes and enjoy the flavor.

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