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New Breakthrough: “Beilin” Strategy Adopted By Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden To Boost the Rural Revitalization

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New Breakthrough: “Beilin” Strategy Adopted By Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden To Boost the Rural Revitalization

November 26
22:12 2019

Only if the industry develops and the Garden takes the lead, rural revitalization can achieve new and unprecedented heights.

Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden vigorously implements the strategy of rural revitalization by focusing on the reform of agricultural supply-side structure, paying more attention to improvement of the modern urban and rural planning system, optimizing the functional layout of urban and rural areas, reshaping the new urban and rural forms, constructing a modern agricultural ecological circle, and innovating urban and rural community governance. Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden’s aim is to realize the equality of basic rights and interests of urban and rural residents, the equalization of public services and residents’ income, the rationalization of factor allocation and the integration of industrial development. The agricultural and industrial function zone aims to open a new avenue for urban-rural integration development, while retaining the Chengdu characteristics.

Creating Business Environment To Promote Rural Revitalization

Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden is committed to promoting a business environment, building an efficient and convenient international business environment, and promoting the strategic development of rural revitalization.

Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden has always aimed at the construction of a business environment as the bedrock for a well-built garden. Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden takes stock of the market demand to formulate industrial policy system and to establish innovative service platform. Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden also wants to implement the full life cycle service and to realize the “run once at most” full service, so as to make policy landing more accurate and effective and the service environment more convenient.

The implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization and the maintenance of the business environment require the active participation of people from all walks of life in society, and private enterprises are duty-bound to focus on consolidating the effects of poverty alleviation and laying a solid foundation for rural revitalization, while putting emphasis on the benefits for the industry and fostering new functions for rural development. Private enterprises participate in project construction, highlight the characteristics of rural construction, and implement the green concept for building beautiful and functional ecological homes. These enterprises are also duty-bound to carry forward the advanced culture, making the folk custom simple, and the township style more civilized to realize the development goal of the garden industry, while making the ecology livable and ensuring effective management and maintenance of the business environment.

Industrial Advantages Of Promoting Rural Revitalization

Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden adheres to the integration of development, and has the primary responsibility of rural revitalization. Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden promotes the high-quality industry development in Wenjiang, constructs the industry ecological circle of “the city agriculture +”, focuses on the integration development of “agriculture, business culture, tourism, sports and healthcare”, builds the ecological expo garden, and creates “the urban agriculture Silicon Valley” and “the benchmark of west ecological healthcare”.

Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden adheres to the industrial development-oriented agriculture to promote the high-quality development of “Beilin”. Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden also looks to build an international health industry highland, to build western innovation garden city, to promote coordinate development of “Beilin” industry, while harnessing the industrial advantages, function quality and service level of the garden in an all-round way through the implementation of a few things, including but not limited to the “one blue print” leading action, ecological value transformation action, large-scale leading action, project landing action, “man-city production” coordinated development action, innovative coordinated development action and park brand construction action, as well as intellectual resources guarantee action, and business environment promotion action in order to gain industrial advantages strong chain action.

Bravely Innovate to Promote Rural Revitalization

Fan Ruiping, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Committee of CPC, stressed: “Adhering to Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide, fully implementing Xi Jinping’s idea of ecological civilization, sticking to the “western control” determination, being bold and innovative, profoundly implementing the strategy of rural revitalization, actively promoting the integration development of agriculture, business, culture, tourism and sports, carrying out ecological value transformation, and striving to develop a new road of high-quality development are the main goals of us.”

Without reform, we can’t break the bottleneck for rural revitalization, and without innovation, we can’t show the infinite value of ecological resources. We should continue to reform and innovate and to “make good use” of rural collective construction land and state-owned construction land. We need to break the administrative area, and led by major enterprises, we need to vigorously promote the construction of feature industry functional zones. We should adhere to the “government-led, enterprise-dominated, commercial logic”, encourage and support the cooperation among government investment platforms, collective economic organizations and specialized enterprises to help the cause of rural revitalization and promote the new development mode of Chengdu Agriculture High-tech Garden. (Tang Jie)

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