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Meagan Selinksy Talks About Her Life As A Professional Dancer And How She Beat The Odds

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Meagan Selinksy Talks About Her Life As A Professional Dancer And How She Beat The Odds

June 21
04:53 2019

With her slim figure her beauty, striking pose, and the way she turns heads as she lights up the footpath with each step she takes, you would think that Meagan Selinksy was one of the most glamorous models in the world. However, even though she glides like a bird, and has that special twinkle in her eye, she is in fact not just a model but also an incredible dancer.

Canada-born Meagan Selinsky, who has been dancing since the age of two has become one of the most inspirational dancers of recent years. Meagan had the odds stacked against her when she was born. She had to overcome a series debilitating condition when she was younger, it was so severe that for the first nine months of her life she was unable to walk with her feet turning inwards which would lead her to fall over. At that stage in her life, the thought of her becoming a professional dancer was out of the question, but this young woman was determined to beat the odds and grab her dream. Doctors at Shriners Hospital for Children put her in cast-like corrective shoes to repair her feet, but this was a long journey, a journey that took her into her teens.

Megan at the age of thirteen had nearly recovered and was looking forward to her future as a dancer. She thought her battles were over, but sadly, even though her medical battles were over the discrimination against her was just about to begin.

“When I turned 13, I decided to pursue dancing as a career,” she said. “The teachers at the studio told me many times that I wouldn’t make it as a dancer and stopped helping me improve  —  I wouldn’t get any corrections or comments on my dancing.”

For anyone to receive so much negativity is heartbreaking, but for someone who has battled so much to follow her dreams, this was devastating. As before, Meagan was determined, she ignored the negativity and decided to reach out and grab what was rightly hers.

Determined to follow her dreams, Meagan attended a summer intensive course at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet where she improved her skills. She then joined a competition team so she could be accepted into professional ballet schools. This led her to be accepted into Nutmeg Conservatory.

“When I was 15, I moved to Connecticut to attend Nutmeg,” she said. “After years of harsh words, hearing that I’d never make it as a dancer, I was on my way.”

Meagan was now on her way to achieve her dreams. She performed in various productions of ‘The Nutcracker’ and other ballets.

“I decided I wanted to pursue other styles of dance,” Selinsky said. “I then got accepted to Alvin Ailey’s certificate program and moved to the Big Apple.”

This move is one of the highlights of her dream of becoming a professional dancer. It was here she received the support she had been craving for.

“The teachers at the Ailey School pushed you to become the best dancer you could be,” she said “They were very supportive because they wanted all of their students to succeed. I loved getting corrections at Ailey as they came from a place of caring, of wanting what was best for me — to help me improve, not tear me down.”

Selinsky who is now based in New York has achieved so much since graduating last year from the Ailey School. Her career has blossomed and continues to do so.

“I’ve been performing so many amazing works,” she said. “I did a music video with the Broadway cast of ‘Chicago’ and will be featured in upcoming mystery movie ‘One More Photo Please.’ They filmed us doing ballet and a modern class — I had lines as well as a dance solo. The movie is set to premier in Times Square this June and then will head to Netflix. And I was just offered a contract with the Disney Cruises line that I will be starting in July.”

“I’ll never forget my first real professional performance with Les Grands Ballet Canadian,” Selinsky said. “It was a surreal experience. I got to perform for 3000 people every night at Place Des Arts – Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier theatre. I felt like this was my place, I felt inspired and I felt so passionate. I felt like I grew every night as a performer, and I feel the same today.”

Meagan who wants her fans to know that it doesn’t matter what people say, if you have the determination and the dreams, then you should overcome the negativity that surrounds you and grab your future with both hands.

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