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RadEnergy: Fighting Wireless Radiations With An Unexpected Natural Resource

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RadEnergy: Fighting Wireless Radiations With An Unexpected Natural Resource

February 15
04:21 2023

Jake Paine, founder of RadEnergy, is now offering a revolutionary new product to protect users from the harmful effects of toxic electromagnetic radiation. RadEnergy has created a new kind of phone case that contains a unique mineral found in no other phone case: Shungite. A crystal only found in Karelia, Russia, it is also the only material in the world which contains  Fullerene, the most powerful antioxidant in the world that is scientifically proven to protect you against the same electromagnetic radiation our phones emit.

With the average American spending over five hours per day on their mobile device and more wireless technologies such as cell phones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5G, 6G, Starlink and electric vehicles being rolled out all the time, it has become increasingly difficult for people to protect themselves from these increased levels of radiation.

With countless studies available showing the dangers of high levels of radiation exposure – including cancer, cognitive impairment, infertility, and neurological disorders – it becomes all the more important for individuals to take control of their health and safety. Paine has made RadEnergy’s mission to inform and protect as many people as possible  by providing cases that offer true protection that is backed by science.

Paine says, “There is radiation energy all around us and it is draining us.” “What I learned is that Health is Energy. Having good health is not just about looking good, but having strong energetic cells that support your body, energy to do what you love, love your family, and energy for life,” he expands.

With RadEnergy, Paine hopes to spread awareness about the importance of protecting ourselves from the steady draining effects of toxic radiation. Along with eating healthy foods, taking care of our bodies and the environment, he advocates that protecting ourselves from radiation is just as crucial.

To learn more about RadEnergy and to order their radiation blocking phone cases, visit or check Jake’s IG @jakedpaine.

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