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The New iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Features an Aluminium Alloy Material and Digital Alarm Clock

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The New iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Features an Aluminium Alloy Material and Digital Alarm Clock

February 07
17:00 2023
The New iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Features an Aluminium Alloy Material and Digital Alarm Clock
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iQibla, a top tech company, has announced its Zikr 1 2022 smart ring that features aluminium alloy material and a digital alarm clock. This latest iQibla smart ring, Zikr 1 202 is a revolutionary Zikr ring with a built-in digital alarm clock for Muslims that reminds them of the five daily prayers. The iQibla Zikr 1 2022 comes in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm diameters and weighs 11.7g, which is suitable for both men and women. It also comes in a series of four colours: silver, green, bright rose, and graphite.

“The Zikr 1 2022 smart ring is a wearable device that helps in tracking the time of your daily prayers, dua, remembrance of Allah, etc. The smart ring is easy to wear and remove as well as comfortable to wear with any finger you like on your hand.” Said a customer.

In addition to being lightweight at only 11.7 g, the Zikr 1 2022 smart ring has another top feature called a digital alarm clock, “This feature can remind us when it is time for the next prayer,” said a spokesperson for iQibla.  The iQibla Zikr1 2022 is a smart ring that allows users to locate the Qibla direction and pray anywhere in the world. This Zikr 1 2022 is recommended for travellers, particularly those who are in remote areas where there is no mosque. Furthermore, it features a large OLED display, built-in Bluetooth 5.1, five prayer time reminders via the iQibla app, a Tasbeeh smart counter, and a large battery capacity (up to 3-5 days).

iQibla aims to make it easier for Muslims to practice their faith, especially in the area of prayer. Traditional prayer requires that you face the holy city of Mecca, which requires first knowing where exactly Mecca is (it’s in Saudi Arabia) and then figuring out what direction that is from you (which depends on your location and the time of day). The iQibla app solves these two problems. The app uses your phone’s GPS and a compass to show you exactly where Mecca is and which way you need to face for prayer. It also includes a countdown timer for each of the five daily prayers, allowing Muslims to know exactly when it is time to pray

iQibla is a company that focuses on wearable devices for Muslims. Their products include smart watches, zikr rings, and prayer rugs. iQibla aims to provide accurate prayer times, find directions from anywhere, and track the daily tasbeeh count with a built-in tasbeeh counter in a straightforward way. For more information, please visit

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