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Valentino’s Displays Launches New British Made Shopping Baskets for Sustainable Shopping Experience

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Valentino’s Displays Launches New British Made Shopping Baskets for Sustainable Shopping Experience

February 02
18:04 2023
Introducing new Net shopping baskets that are easy to use, durable and lightweight in nature. They can be customized as well.

Valentino’s Displays, one of the leaders in retail display solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new line of British made shopping baskets. These highly functional and innovative baskets are made to ensure that shopping is a lot easier and more sustainable, offering customers a convenient way to carry their purchases while reducing the use of plastic bags.

When it comes to shopping baskets, buyers are always looking for products that are made of lightweight but durable materials. Valentino ensures that their shopping basket meets this requirement.

Practical and Functional Shopping Baskets:

The net shopping baskets are made of durable, lightweight mesh material that allows for easy visibility of the items inside. They are also collapsible and come with a compact carrying case, making them easy to transport and store when not in use. In addition, they are machine washable, ensuring they stay fresh and hygienic for every shopping trip.

Buyers who are looking forward to buying these shopping baskets have a lot of choice. The Net Shopping Baskets are available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed with a company logo or design, making them a great promotional tool for businesses. They are also suitable for a range of retail environments, from supermarkets and department stores to farmers’ markets and specialty shops. As these can be customized easily, they can be used as gift items as well as they are highly useful and can help promote a business silently as well.

Valentino’s Displays CEO mentions in an interview, ” We are hoping to help retailers create a sustainable shopping experience for the customers. The shopping baskets available are functional and practical. They play a small part in reducing waste and can help in preserving the environment as well.”

Choice of Shopping Baskets for Buyers:

At Valentino’s Displays, they have strict adherence to quality. They offer shopping baskets in different fabrics – Supertex, Micra, and Silklon – to meet the shopping basket needs. Each of these shopping baskets have their unique texture and appearance. Though there are many differences, all three fabrics serve the same purpose, providing a durable and lightweight solution for carrying purchases.

  • Supertex: Made from 100% polyester, Supertex features a soft fabric with holes spaced approximately 5mm apart.
  • Micra: The most popular fabric, Micra is made of 100% polyester and offers a clear view of the items inside the basket.
  • Silklon: Silklon is a silky 100% polyester fabric with no holes, providing a smooth and elegant look.

Shopping Baskets Available in Different Sizes:

At Valentino’s Displays, they also offer a range of cheap net shopping baskets in different sizes to meet your needs. Their smallest basket is 8 inches in diameter. They also have different options that include 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches, with the 16-inch basket being the most popular size.

In addition, they provide chrome UK net basket stands to store and display your baskets when not in use. These stands come flat packed for easy assembly with a crosshead screwdriver (not included) and can hold up to 50 baskets when stacked. These shopping baskets are designed to completely change the shopping experience.

Buyers are invited to choose from their range of affordable and versatile net shopping baskets, along with our convenient basket stands, to enhance the style and design of retail displays.

Branding the shopping baskets is easy now:

Valentino’s Displays, understands the importance of presenting a consistent and professional image to customers. They cater to such buyer needs by offering bespoke order services for their round net shopping baskets printed with the corporate logo. Buyers are encouraged to browse through the portfolio of custom work to get an idea of how the baskets can turn out.

The printing process is conducted entirely in the UK, ensuring the highest quality for the final product. Buyers can choose from multiple colour logos, and depending on the size, the company can also print up to four logos on each basket. It is assured that the buyers will receive only the best quality retail baskets in the market.

They also offer visual proofs and samples to give you a clear understanding of what buyers can expect from them.

About Valentino’s Display:

Valentino’s Display is the one-stop-shop for all your retail display needs. To achieve this goal, they offer a wide diverse range of products to provide the customers with the best options. Their extensive display of products includes everything from clothes rails and mannequins to literature holders, glass showcases, and wooden counters. They also offer customized solutions to meet the needs of the customers.

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