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Why This Consulting Firm Is Quickly Becoming The Most Sought-After Business In The UK

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Why This Consulting Firm Is Quickly Becoming The Most Sought-After Business In The UK

January 31
11:03 2023

For over a decade, Managemend Limited has been helping businesses of all sizes grow their market-share, revenue, valuation and disruption-index with their suite of Managed Disruption Services using its innovative “consultant-free consulting” approach. Strengthening businesses prior to and in anticipation of market crashes, they have helped businesses not only survive recessions but also grow and thrive through them.

In 2020, they were awarded the most disruptive startup in Dubai for their successful, out-of-the-box approach to scientifically-repeatable, vision-led business growth. Since then they have pivoted to offering their services as an investment for both established businesses, family run conglomerates and growth stage startups that prefer not to get disrupted.

Their founder Altaf Jasnaik says instead of charging the traditional 250K – 500K GBP for SME growth management services, Managemend offers an alternative option of no-cost-access to their services in exchange for either equity or revenue sharing agreements. With the move to the UK from the UAE in 2021, Managemend Limited also created award-winning managed- transformation modules that include programs coaching business leaders & mentoring talents.

Altaf says businesses have a choice – “they can either wait to be disrupted or become disruptors themselves”. Managemend Limited has successfully built a portfolio of over 50 clients which have become disruptors in their market verticals over the last decade. Now based in the UK, they are beginning to build a 100 Million GBP investment portfolio with a target of being an investor/partner in 100 businesses by 2025.

Managemend Limited is committed to helping businesses achieve success through sustainable growth strategies tailored to their needs. Using helical, talent and business transformation methods, combined with data analytics and customer-delight analytics they increase the disruption-indices of a business by converting their team into growth consultants that are positioned to work on alleviating growth blockers and achieving disruptive growth better than any 3rd party consultant.

With its decade plus of experience in aiding businesses achieve disruptive growth, it is no surprise that Managemend Limited has enjoyed such success since moving across seas to England earlier last year. Their portfolio continues growing at a rapid rate as more companies discover the power of insourcing managed disruption services and giving themselves the competitive edge that repeatable strategy-based growth can offer!

To discover more about Altaf and Managemend Consultancy, book a call with the team below:

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