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United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA) Is Officially Registered In London UK

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United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA) Is Officially Registered In London UK

January 30
13:32 2023
The USIA is a UK-registered nonprofit nongovernmental international think tank dedicated to providing intellectual inspiration to the world.

USIA Introduction

As a world-class think tank with a rich cognitive diversity of top thinkers, the United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA) is a UK-registered nonprofit nongovernmental international think tank (limited by guarantee, registered in England UK No: 14616036) dedicated to providing intellectual inspiration to the world by awarding Honorary Fellowship and USIA Award to the world’s respected intellectuals who have changed the world, in support of intellectual individuals and organizations to engage in rigorous scientific discourse for research and experimental development in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities while serving humanity in a productive and respectful manner.

USIA Mission & Vision

1. The USIA forms a network of respected intellectual people with world-class academics, outstanding scholars, and real-world intellectuals by awarding Honorary Fellowship based on intellectual achievements that have changed the world through creative practical intelligence.

2. The USIA integrates high-level, multidisciplinary work from leading thinkers and experts while providing intellectual freedom to the USIA People. Through publications, the USIA encourages discussions about what kind of world humanity should move toward.

3. The USIA annually bestows the USIA Award to respected scientists or intellectuals who have contributed to each field of arts and sciences. The purpose of the award is to honour and express gratitude to intellectuals for their significant contribution to humanity. The USIA Award is granted with the winner’s consent.

4. The USIA works for the benefit of humanity to promote important global causes and solve major global problems such as environmental protection, food security, health protection, human rights, basic education, poverty reduction, water sufficiency, and war prevention.

USIA Founder & Chairman

USIA Founder and Chairman YoungHoon Bryan Kim is the Steering Committee Member and Senior Global Strategy Advisor at the Complex Biological Systems Alliance in the United States; Executive Council Member and Honorary Fellow at the World Academy of Medical Sciences in the Netherlands; Senior Advisor at the Economic Forum for Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom; Advisor of the Biotech/Medical Board at the Lifeboat Foundation in the United States; Honorary Member at the International Longevity Alliance in the France.

In the mind sports field, he is an International Goodwill Ambassador at the Tony Buzan Group’s Brain Trust Charity in the United Kingdom; He was the South Korean Grader (voluntary arbiter) at the World Memory Championships and 1st Asia Memory Championships (2015 in Hong Kong organized by Andy Fong); He is the Senior Advisor at the World Memory Championships of Hong Kong.

In the human intellectual networks, he is ranked #1 in the world in the World Genius Directory where he was awarded a Fellowship in honor of his extraordinary achievement. With perfect scores on the psychologist intelligence test, Mensa admission test, and various untimed high range intelligence tests, he is a full member of several high intellectual societies, including the Mega Society and Mensa, among others. To measure human cognitive potential and to study the high cognitive abilities of humans, he developed some highly intelligent tests for talented adults.

He studied degrees in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, philosophy, and theology at King’s College London, University of London, Korea University, and Yonsei University.

Media Contact
Company Name: United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA)
Contact Person: YoungHoon Bryan Kim
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City: London
Country: United Kingdom