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The Sweat Mate Is Protecting Gym Bags Everywhere From The Smell And Moisture Of Sweaty Gym Clothes

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The Sweat Mate Is Protecting Gym Bags Everywhere From The Smell And Moisture Of Sweaty Gym Clothes

November 15
17:18 2022
Founded 15 years ago, the Sweat Mate is a reusable and washable solution for transporting sweaty gym clothes after a workout. This eco-friendly bag saves clean clothes and gym bag contents from getting wet and smelly from used gym clothes.

Everyone has faced that unfortunate situation when finishing a workout. The used gym clothes are now soaked in sweat, and they need to go somewhere. The only options are to put them in with the rest of the items in a gym bag, letting the sweat turn the entire bag funky, or putting them in a plastic bag that ultimately doesn’t leave one feeling great about their environmental impact. 

The Sweat Mate was developed by someone who found herself in that exact situation. She came up with a solution that has now been benefiting gym-goers for 15 years. 

The Sweat Mate

Aurora Sisneros found out the hard way after a Bikram yoga class just how sweaty her gym clothes could get. After the hour and a half-long workout, she needed to return to her corporate job but found herself at a loss as to what to do with the sweaty clothes for the afternoon. 

It was through this experience that Aurora created the Sweat Mate. The Sweat Mate is a reusable, washable, and waterproof drawstring bag that keeps the funk and sweat limited just to those used gym clothes. These affordable bags come in dozens of color and pattern options and make the perfect gift for a gym buddy. 

These bags are not only useful, but they’re also eco-friendly by preventing the disposal of thousands of plastic bags that don’t keep the sweat out of the rest of a gym bag. 


Sweaty gym clothes stinking up a gym bag is an issue many have dealt with. The clean items in their bag get infiltrated with sweat and funky smells, and even using disposable plastic bags doesn’t protect their belongings. 

The Sweat Mate keeps the contents of a gym bag clean and fresh while providing a much more environmentally friendly option. 

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