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4 Important facts about sliver handling that help choose the correct spinning can

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4 Important facts about sliver handling that help choose the correct spinning can

August 15
18:08 2022

Yatai Plastics has been helping spinners produce better quality yarn by supplying the most advanced sliver handling systems since its establishment in 1991. Yatai Plastics understands the critical nature of sliver handling and has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions to spinning mills for sliver handling over the last three decades. Many spinning mills are unaware of the significance of sliver handling and so often face challenges in choosing the correct spinning cans. Here Yatai Plastics shares four important facts about sliver handling to help spinning mills figure out what’s the best sliver can that handles the sliver in their textile mills.

1. Different sliver handling cans are required for different types of sliver

There are different types of yarn to be processed, such as short-staple and long-staple, and their properties are different from each other. So different types of sliver handling systems are required, otherwise a lot of imperfections will be generated, and neps and hairiness in the sliver will be increased. For this reason, Yatai Plastics has developed customized sliver spinning cans for all types of spinning machines.

2. Yarn quality is directly impacted by the spinning can

Imperfections caused during sliver handling are irreversible and cause permanent damage to yarn quality. Relevant studies has confirmed that 3cm of imperfections in sliver will be 3 meters of imperfection in yarn. Yatai Plastics spinning cans are designed to provide consistent and imperfection free sliver to ensure spinning mills get better quality yarn.

3. Spinning cans help spinners gain optimized profits

Apart from its key role in reducing imperfections and damages, a good sliver spinning can helps enhance yarn quality through producing perfect sliver doff with maximum sliver parameters retained, thus enabling spinners to gain optimized profits.

4. Spinning machine and spinning can should be upgraded simultaneously

Spinning mills are investing heavily in new generation spinning machines from leading companies, and should also invest in new generation spinning cans so as to achieve the optimum benefit of these investments. The compatibility co-efficient of spinning cans manufactured by Yatai Plastics with the constantly upgraded spinning machine is high and then yields good results to the spinner.


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