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Ressie Releases Her Latest Single Heart Number 21

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Ressie Releases Her Latest Single Heart Number 21

June 18
03:54 2022

Inspirational singer Ressie Ingram is thrilled to release her latest single Heart #21 available now on all streaming platforms.

Known for her unique musical style, Ressie is erasing the lines between Contemporary gospel and smooth R&B.  Heart #21 captures her very personal battle with cancer and her triumphant recovery.  Ressie developed a life-long love of singing in high school chorus and has been singing ever since.

Listening to the single, you can hear influences from decades of music immersion in both group and solo projects. Over the years, Ressie garnered praise for her innate musicianship, mesmerizing vocal, and impeccable artistry. The lyrics in Heart #21, “Your wish was to live and raise your son, want to see you make it to 21…” vividly portrays the severity of her health struggles and provides an equally compelling story of hope and survival.  Ressie now offers her voice to spread messages of faith and optimism to others and prides herself on being a vessel for positivity, encouragement, and inspiration to all.

Ressie was born Teresa Johnson in Brooklyn, New York, and she realized she had a passion for music, singing, and composing at a young age when she joined her high school choir. Ressie hails from the diverse artistic city of Brooklyn, New York, and hopes to continue serving the community with her purposeful music. Listeners can now view the Heart #21 video on YouTube.  Keep up with Ressie on her journey through God’s promises on these digital music platforms:

Her arrival to the US music industry and also the whole music world will be a significant addition to it. United States continues to be the world’s largest music market in terms of both consumption and output. With the change to digital media and internet communications, however, overseas artists and industry professionals now have more options to bring export-ready entertainment to US viewers. The music recording industry is an excellent example of how organizations must evolve and adapt to change on a regular basis. After 15 years of revenue decrease due to piracy and unbundling, the global business has recovered, owing mostly to streaming. The music market in the United States is not only the largest in the world. The United States’ impact extends well beyond its boundaries, cementing its position as a worldwide music industry trendsetter. Over 70% of the songs on Spotify’s Global Top-50 playlist were recorded by artists from the United States as of March 2019. American artists are at the forefront of the industry, yet the American music market is frequently overlooked by the international music community. When you get to the bottom of it, the sector is full of surprises and local oddities, so it’s easy to dismiss it as completely globalized. Ressie’s music will also be another turning point adding to it.

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