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Procoto Innovates Industry Through Modernized Sourcing Software

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Procoto Innovates Industry Through Modernized Sourcing Software

May 18
19:54 2022
Automate your sourcing process, centralize your data, and save some serious cash.

Procoto, a Tampa Bay-based startup, is seeing great success in the digital procurement space with its strategic sourcing software that is changing the game. While Procoto isn’t the only strategic sourcing software on the market, the company says they’re following in the path of other software startups that innovated their industry.

“We’re innovative in the same way Hubspot was innovative 15 years ago,” said Procoto co-founder and CEO Michael Otis. “They weren’t nearly the first CRM. Their product had the same goals as Salesforce and many others. It was just easier to buy and to use, so it was much easier to adopt for small to medium-sized businesses.”

These small to medium-sized businesses often face challenges when it comes to process procurement, including limited insights, inefficiencies, and navigating multiple systems, which keeps them from competing with larger businesses. Procoto helps businesses move over these hurdles to streamline operations and reduce expenses.

Procoto helps businesses with strategic sourcing by leveraging performance and spend data to find the best vendors and reveal potential hidden savings. With its smart databasing, Procoto keeps all spend, vendor, and contract data from sourcing events in one central location for easy access. The spend analytics feature lets users easily evaluate past, present, and upcoming spend, and can be segmented by category, project owner, vendor, region, and a number of other data filters. More information here:

With its impressive features, Procoto helps improve process procurement through efficiency. Leaders can build workflow approvals to empower teams and speed up workflows. Approval parameters can be set around financials, spend category, and employee seniority to maintain the right balance between autonomy and confidentiality.

Procoto’s motto of “source smarter, not harder” shines through in the way the software helps manage the RFP process. Businesses can build out an optimal structure and process for RFPs to maximize participation and minimize effort.

When it comes to contracts and vendor management, Procoto’s power is unmatched. Key vendor information & performance metrics are centrally stored and available to view at the click of a button.

Whether a business is already using strategic sourcing software or not, Procoto makes the transition process simple and hassle-free with superior data transformation. As part of new-client onboarding, Procoto collects and organizes all legacy data for sourcing, vendors, and contracts contained in pre-existing databases, regardless of how many platforms are used for each workstream.

About Procoto

Procoto is a cloud-based strategic sourcing platform designed to automate the sourcing process, centralize data, and save businesses cash. Founded by Michael Otis and Ryan Muckel in 2020, Procoto is modernizing sourcing software with an end-to-end solution that is accessible to everyone.

The strategy for Procoto is underpinned by its five core values: curiosity, efficiency, sincerity, ownership, and kindness. These values are the driving force behind the culture that has allowed Procoto to thrive in and transform the procurement space in just a few short years.

To learn more about Procoto, visit

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Company Name: Procoto
Contact Person: Michael Otis
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Phone: (404) 590-0298
Country: United States

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