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Some brief information and introductions about World Wetlands Day

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Some brief information and introductions about World Wetlands Day

May 09
17:08 2022

February 2nd is the 26th World Wetlands Day, and this year’s theme is “Wetlands Action for Human and Nature“, emphasizing the importance of wetlands to human beings and nature.

World Wetlands Day

With the advent of World Wetlands Day, we can’t help thinking that is protecting wetlands really far away from us.?And what can we do for environmental protection?

The clothing industry uses a large number of chemicals and has a heavy carbon footprint, which causes pollution to the environment is the fact that cannot be ignored.

However, more and more designers and brands seem to be seriously considering sustainable development, especially thinking about practical actions to reduce environmental damage.

1. Improve the utilization rate of recyclable fabrics and the production rate of recyclable clothing.

Recyclable fabrics and clothing have always been the focus of our efforts as environmentally friendly enterprises. Compared with traditional clothing, higher utilization and low dependence on new fabrics mean less carbon emissions and other pollution. 

2. 3D technology is gradually replacing the traditional design method.

Since the combination of 3D technology and design was introduced in 2021, from designers to partners, we have obtained many positive voices, which reduces traditional design steps, saves raw materials and improves design efficiency at the same time.

3. Recycling of self-owned production waste.

Behind the high sales figures also means that a lot of own production waste will be generated, the waste will be recycled to the maximum extent, and the dependence on new materials will be minimized.

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