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Daniel Ikeobi Ekwevi: An Interview

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Daniel Ikeobi Ekwevi: An Interview

May 09
19:03 2022

Hello, my name is Joseph Lehre with JB804 photography. And today we have the pleasure of speaking with Nigerian Royal engineer and philanthropists. Daniel Ekwevi the III. How are you feeling today, Daniel?

It was excellent. Thank you for spending some time to speak with me today.

Well, thank you. For a a little bit of your time. Um, so tell us just a little more about yourself.

Well, um, if you don’t know already, uh, my name is Daniel Ikeobi Ekwevi III i am first in line for the Royal title of the of  The Okwoto Ekeneze of Umulari this is a Royal title from my country, Nigeria, and I’m also a computer engineer as well.

How Do you pronounce that again?

Actually, Its The Ok wao tao Eeke Ne ze of Umu lari

Easy for you to say, is it being in line for that?

So it’s actually very interesting. I spend a lot of my time, as a venture capitalist working a lot of, for a lot of the startup I consult with. From what I see my father do, he does a lot of, um, deciding borders, writing laws, creating petitions, working across the aisle to sort of bring the country together and build hospitals, airports, and such. So it’s very tedious work. I spend a lot of my time, building out my company,  which is called Curb Consulting Ventures. They are subgroup of Done Homes Ltd. I do this to make sure that I’m not just making connections, but I’m also building repertoire that allowed me to be successful in the near future.

Wow, that sounds amazing. What are some of the philanthropic things that you’ve done so far?

Well, um, quite recently I was nominated Tech Titan for the Harrisburg area, 30 under 30 Award for my work with at-risk youths and also my work with, startups. I consult for lot of startups and help them sort of decide and build their application and also work with individuals who are trying to understand how to develop, create software, video games and just learning basically how to join the technology workforce.

Wow. That’s super impressive. Are there any like juicy details? Do you have any political aspirations in the future?

Um, well right now after seeing what my father does, I spent a lot of time just making connections growing as a person and just trying to be the best person I can possibly be. I do have political aspirations, maybe in a few years of my run for Senator, but right now my goal is to bring my community up, try to be the best person I can be, try to be as philanthropic as like, as I could be, and also making sure that people are getting the basic necessities of life.

That all sounds super amazing. Um, so how about your love life? Is there misses, is there someone of interest All currently?

No, there isn’t. I spent a lot of my time with my work with the people who need my help, with the people who are trying to help grow the community with. So I haven’t really found a lot of time to focus on the love life. Um, so I don’t really talk about that that much.

Okay. Okay. That’s totally understandable. And I respect that. Um, it’s awesome that you’re devoting your time right now to kind of better yourself and become that super eligible bachelor that you will become somewhere down the road. Hopefully, ladies, again, thank you so much for talking with us. Thank you for just giving a little bit of your time and a little bit of your background, um, for all of us to know a little bit more about yourself.

Thank you very much.

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