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An Insightful and Humorous Book – Truly Connects with Teenagers

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An Insightful and Humorous Book – Truly Connects with Teenagers

May 07
05:09 2022

HOUSTON, Texas – If you are searching for the perfect book to give a teenager, this is it!  16 Scoops is a coming of age story for the reading enjoyment of tweens, teens and adults with a 5 star review on Amazon.

  • According to book reviews, you will be left mesmerized and fall in love with the colorful and relatable characters. Readers of this book are saying it is an enjoyable, light-hearted read for tweens, teens and adults.

A brief description of this relatable and heartwarming book is as follows:

One of the school’s biggest events is fast approaching and the student body is buzzing with excitement. Once again, organizing and planning the occasion falls into the hands of one lucky student.

CLAIRE JONES, a strait-laced, conventional and artist extraordinaire, hates the drama and callousness of the popular crowd. Besides her best friend, Claire prefers to be with her sketch pad and pencils.

TOMMY CONNOR, star athlete and the most popular boy in school, is the perfect student. Despite his long list of accomplishments, he wants to add another check to the impressive list.

With encouragements from her best friend and her mom, Claire decides to enter the contest as a stepping stone to ease her introversion. If she wins, her design for the competition would be an excellent addition to her remarkable portfolio.

To her disbelief, Claire is picked as the winner of the contest but she must share the responsibility with the one person she has avoided for years. Frustrated and confused, Claire winds up taking full responsibility for the assignment when Tommy has more important activities to consider.  She finds herself the target of jealousy and malice from Tommy’s girlfriend who is the most popular girl in school. Claire considers dropping out of the project when several incidents become too much for her. Despite the drama surrounding her, Claire knows she must finish the project or fail her favorite class.

About Phung A. Can:

Phung is a mother, author and sales administrator who is delighted to share this book with the world, especially teenagers and parents of teenagers. She describes herself as “A person that will burst out laughing in dead silence over something that happened yesterday.” She brings a sparkle to her storytelling and characters. She loves writing witty and humorous stories of the life experiences of teenagers. Raising two teens has given her a foggy perspective of their understanding. According to Phung, “It’s all so clear to me!”

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