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The Face of Fame, Mr. Ali Rashad, and His Inspiring Journey of Film Making

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The Face of Fame, Mr. Ali Rashad, and His Inspiring Journey of Film Making

May 06
02:00 2022

A young and creative filmmaker who is passionate about directing and producing inspiring movies.

Ali Rashad is an ingenious film director and producer having a multi-talented personality who has succeeded in establishing his company in Germany in 2016 named Video Ali Rashad. He stepped into the domain of filmmaking in Syria at a very young age of 14, making him stand out from the crowd. Mr. Ali Rashad was born in 1992, and he hails from the Kurdish community in Northern Syria. Previously, before establishing his company, Ali Rashad’s career revolved around editing video clips, after which he decided to expand his horizons and step into the world of filmmaking and directing. Aside from its expertise in direction and production, the company is equipped with the latest photographic tools, because of which it has become well known as a professional Videography company in the region. Apart from being an established producer and director, Ali Rashad is a successful entrepreneur who manages to have a positive impact on others’ lives with his inspiring journey and the urge to achieve his goals. 

The renowned company of Ali Rashad is a result of his diligent and tireless efforts to make his path into the film industry and shine above all. He was determined about his life goals and worked hard for 5 years before moving to Germany and establishing his company. In addition to covering many artistic events, the company has covered lavish wedding parties and concerts by great Kurdish and Arab artists. The company has a large team of highly skillful, professional designers and photographers who have mastered the art of filming clips with new technology and innovative ideas. Director Ali Rashad has managed to mark his company as the leading one due to his passionate and ambitious nature. He has not only directed concerts for well-known artists, but he recently directed a Kurdish television program based on the stories of successful entrepreneurs that has been an inspiration to many.

“I am passionate about film direction and production,” says Ali Rashad. “I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and to be the best I can be at my work. I was born in 1992 and came from the Kurds in Northern Syria. I started in the domain of film direction when I was only 14 years old. The time period has helped me learn filmmaking skills and gain experience.”

The dynamic and versatile filmmaker is currently preparing to direct a new film, based on the story of a young immigrant far from his homeland who sells drugs in the neighborhood along with his brother and a girl. He is incorporating three different languages into his latest project: Arabic, Kurdish, and Germanic.

The movie will be produced by Netflix, which will make it easily accessible to more people and, as a result, help it gain more fame and views. Ali Rashad is actively looking for talented actors suitable for the movie’s respective roles. His goal is to find people with acting abilities who are able to justify the role and explain the plot to the public. Producer and Director Ali Rashad strive hard to make the storyline intriguing and catchy for audiences, as well as to add all the interesting elements to make the movie wholesome. Additionally, the movie will have actors from different countries participating, and the filming will take place in Austria; inn Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia; then in Köln, Germany. The writer behind the whole script of the movie is Zinyar.

Ali Rashad has gained a prestigious name in the filmmaking world due to his commendable and unique artistic works. Among his latest works are: the great Kurdish artist Dyar Darsem, the artist Nisan Manan, the song of Heger Rojek, the artist Baz Derik, the clip of Ew Gotina Jitehezdikim, and the artist Cibar Manan, the clip of Dil Bibe. Moreover, he has also worked with several famous artists named Wafik Habib, Assi El Hallani, Amar El Kawafi, Bland Ibrahim, and Hafal Ibrahim.

Ali Rashad is seen to be expanding the spheres of his activities to discover his talents and learn new skills related to filmmaking. With his passion for production and direction, he has become one of the most successful filmmakers in his region and an inspiration to others trying to make their mark in this industry. While working towards the plot of the movie, Ali Rashad makes sure to fully understand his target audience and how to stir up sympathy in them with the unerring storyline. With his far-sighted vision and creative mind, Ali Rashad always manages to create a unique storyline that happens to catch the viewer’s attention instantly.

His vast experience in filmmaking and directing has always been reflected in his movies, and the audience has always praised him for filming unique and aspiring storylines. Further, he is motivated and driven to expand his company by working on a larger scale, and to do so, he plans to grow and open a branch of the company in the Arab world, specifically in the United Arab Emirates. This will help him gain more recognition and fame in other regions.

In Spite of achieving so much and gaining a lot of popularity. Mr. Ali Rashad didn’t quit on learning and striving to work on more ambitious projects. The motivation and determination that he exhibited helped him a great deal, and thus his journey as a film director can serve as an example and inspiration to his fans. Ali Rashad connects with his fans through social apps and his official Instagram account, where he shares his day-to-day activities keeping the followers updated about his life.

For more information related to his recent projects and inquiries, visit his Official Instagram account,

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