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Empowering Visionaries to Produce and Perform Their Wisdom Through Art at Eagle’s Nest Atitlan

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Empowering Visionaries to Produce and Perform Their Wisdom Through Art at Eagle’s Nest Atitlan

January 27
19:39 2022
Stay in paradise and enjoy the life of transformational growth.

In a world where society has made people believe in a lot of worldly things, sometimes, people need to take a step back, take all the beauty of nature in, immerse in it, and live their dreams. Many people have lives that are perceived as perfect, but they are still missing something. At Eagle’s Nest Atitlan, they provide the perfect harmony of lifestyle, art residencies, and events that can help thousands of people find inspiration and healing. It is definitely a place where people can embrace their inner visionaries and elevate themselves to new heights – way beyond what they imagine to be.

It all started when Greg Clough, the founder of Eagle’s Nest Atitlan, looked around and appreciated the life that surrounded him. As he got more in touch with his emotional state, learned how to integrate his experiences as they happen, self-actualize, and self-transmute, he released a creative spirit within him that is effervescing in the manifestation of the Eagle’s Nest. For him, this is where the magic happens as digital nomads journey, play, create, and immerse in art. As a result, Eagle’s Nest Atitlan was brought to life with a mission to bring people together to experiment, explore, and soar beyond.

With a variety of lodging options and events for creatives and dreamers, Eagle’s Nest Atitlan is inviting people for a spiritual exploration and to take part in an inspired living setup. From eco-lodging, scenic restaurant and cafe, to an epic platform with yoga classes, weekly events, and a supportive community, this is truly a place for transformational growth for adventure travelers, digital nomads, and visionaries. As the team behind Eagle’s Nest Atitlan have expressed, they are “empowering visionaries to produce art and perform their wisdom through art.”

It takes strength to choose oneself and access the sophistication of one’s soul through basic living. But with the support of Eagle’s Nest Atitlan’s growing community, staying in paradise and enjoying the dream life is just within reach. Numerous spiritual explorers, visionaries, and digital nomads have co-created their life vision at Eagle’s Nest and they can attest to how magical the place is on its own, with a unique view of volcanoes and a scenic lake. They always have events and retreats lined up, so it is easy to join in the journey and tap into one’s Godly essence and be carried by the elements to rediscover and reclaim traditions. In Eagle’s Nest, people are free to belong.

For those who wish to embark on a unique experience to explore their limitless capabilities, visit for more information about Eagle’s Nest Atitlan’s lodging, events, and community.

About Eagle’s Nest Atitlan

Eagle’s Nest Atitlan is a growing community for visionaries to collaborate and co-create. They offer lodging for people who are seeking to enjoy outdoor experiences whilst immersing themselves in nature and art.

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