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Britebands: Next-gen wearable that motivates to work out.

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Britebands: Next-gen wearable that motivates to work out.

January 25
23:24 2022

Britebands is an innovative wearable electronic wristband that will change colors at every level of the workout session and will also keep users safe.

Britebands is a breakthrough wearable tech that is uniquely designed to brighten up mundane workout sessions with bold flashing colors. Titled “Britebands”, the wrist bands are also engineered to keep users safe in the dark.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Britebands wearables are essentially electronic wristbands that change colors based on increased and decreased movement of the user. At the heart of the band is a high-tech LCD screen that enables users to program in any word they wish on the screen. The chosen word will illuminate as well as change colors based on movement frequency and levels. It’s an easily rechargeable band and comes with a highly durable battery.

Britebands come in 2 modes – Activity Mode and Safety Mode.

“Britebands promises you the most fun and wildest workout session ever. You will just need to start by swinging your arms and the band will surprise you with its cool change of colors. As you start with Active Workout, the band will become Blue and it will turn Green as you reach Intermediate Workout. And the moment you speed up and reach to Intense Workout, the band will turn into a bright glowing red” – Dwayne Swingler, Founder.

“When the band finally turns red, it means you have to keep the pace up and keep moving. As you reach the peak of the workout you will find the ultimate magic- the BriteZone – the state when the band will begin flashing all three shades at the same time, creating the perfect disco mood that will keep you grooving for hours. Your aim would be to reach the BriteZone as the level implies you have reached the zenith of your workout intensity.”

Britebands come with 2 fun workout tools to guide the users. One is BriteDance – a 27-minute customized workout video which is shot by Britebands’ pro dance coordinator, Lavel Bryant. The video covers original moves and music. Users can perform it in groups or alone.

The other one is BriteAlbum – a cool music album packed with an ever-growing list of exciting workout music to make the workout sessions even more thrilling and motivating. Users can always include their own moves to change the colors.

The Safety Mode is designed to keep the users seen in the dark. When the user activates the Safety Mode, the band will keep on flashing a bright red light so that the user is always visible while jogging or cycling in the dark lanes.

“Britebands will motivate you on your workout journey, pushing your fitness to newer heights, and enable you to reach the fitness goals that you have only dreamt of to date. You will also love its sleek, translucent design that will complement all your outfits – while its silicone build will assure ultra-comfortable wear for hours. However, such a high-tech wearable demands robust financial support and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Britebands to life and make workout sessions more interesting and motivating than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Britebands. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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