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The Masked Men Provides Its Members with an Exclusive Access to Global Events

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The Masked Men Provides Its Members with an Exclusive Access to Global Events

January 24
22:30 2022
The Masked Men is a metaverse-based project with the goal of becoming a symbol of prestige and movement. The project is expected to be released sometime in February.

The cryptocurrency sector has been dramatically changed by blockchain technology. NFT has been taken to the next level using blockchain technology, as Non-Fungible tokens will now be used to provide people with access and ownership to any festival, live performing events, or worldwide event.

The Masked Men protest against the stripping of our privacy and anonymity presented through a limited collection of NFTs. The project’s primary purpose is to establish itself as a sign of status and movement in the metaverse. Aside from other collections, The Masked Men’s token is durable and will ensure a thriving community.

The idea is unique as it will provide holders with exclusive access to global events, including live performing artists. Each member will receive proof of ownership via the app, which will serve as a key to event entry. Each member will not only get the opportunity to see some of the world’s most famous artists perform at a private party, but they will also have access to an unrivaled network of like-minded investors. Furthermore, unlike previous metaverse projects, The Masked Men offers direct metaverse integration to its customers. Members of the platform are given mentorship on how to benefit from the space in various ways.

The Masked Men’s project plans to use royalties from after-market sales to sweep the floor and burn all of the pieces listed on the floor on a weekly basis. Due to the existing restricted collection, which will be tougher to obtain in the future, the project will contribute to a rise in its floor price.

The Masked Men are thrilled to announce their initiative’s launch in February. Members who will be whitelisted will mint 48 hours before the official launch. This initiative will assist the project in meeting its goal of achieving a minimum SPA of 1 ETH in the first month of operation.

The project’s whitelist is swiftly filling up as the discord nears 10,000 members eager to be among the first to get their hands on the collector’s item. Users who want to join can do so by visiting the official website.

The Masked Men is a metaverse based project which brings an opportunity for its customers to get an exclusive excessive in participating in global events and watching the world’s popular artists perform live. The project aims to become a symbol of sign and movement in the metaverse.

For more information, visit the website or join The Masked Men on Twitter or Discord.

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