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Remarkable Mentor Curtis Van Driesche: Helping People Accomplish Peak Performance Through Mind Boss LLC

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Remarkable Mentor Curtis Van Driesche: Helping People Accomplish Peak Performance Through Mind Boss LLC

January 17
09:15 2022
Remarkable Mentor Curtis Van Driesche: Helping People Accomplish Peak Performance Through Mind Boss LLC

What makes people superior is the remarkable power the human mind holds. However, at times, it can quickly turn into a person’s worst critic and enemy. Cognizant of this, insightful entrepreneur Curtis Van Driesche created Mind Boss LLC to help those who wish to become the masters of their own minds.

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The successful developmental coach was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, where he is still based. Growing up, he had overflowing support from his friends, family, and community. However, the young man also had his fair share of struggles and adversity.

He battled several mental health issues such as crippling anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and attempts. Eventually, he was diagnosed as being schizoaffective. Like so many others, Curtis initially struggled with his situation.

Nevertheless, the determined individual resolved to overcome his challenges and has massively improved his mental health. Inspired by his incredible success story, Curtis Van Driesche decided to create an organization that can help others who may be going through something similar. Thus, Mind Boss LLC was born.

Through the venture, he teaches clients how to attain self-mastery and accomplish peak performance. It offers a wide variety of services such as monthly seminars, free outdoor promotional events, and bootcamps that accelerate performance. People can also take advantage of one-on-one coaching to maximize results and help develop their self-esteem.

On top of that, Curtis utilizes simple yet reliable frameworks that not only focus on personal and character growth but also career and professional advancements. As a testament to his dedication, he even conducts free consultation and coaching for first-time users to help them get started:

Aside from his firsthand experience of rising above challenging situations and unrivaled expertise in the field, what makes Curtis Van Driesche a highly effective mentor and coach is his unrivaled work ethic. He prioritizes accountability, performance, vision, and achievement, which allows him to deliver consistent results. In addition, he is consistently looking for ways to challenge himself so he can continue to grow and learn.  

On top of that, the founder is highly passionate about what he does and seeing people thrive and succeed is his primary motivation. In fact, when asked what separates him from the rest, he confidently replied, “I feel like a rarity. My resilience and “never give upenness” was the best thing going for me. Ordinary people can accomplish amazing things. I truly believe in people and want them to win so bad. I won’t ever give up committed people because I know how far resilience and peak performance can take someone.”

Due to Curtis Van Driesche’s fantastic leadership, he was able to scale Mind Boss LLC to greater heights. In the future, the outstanding entrepreneur hopes to grow the brand to become a six or 7-figure coaching business. But most importantly, he aims to continue changing the lives of many and help guide them to long-term success:

Book schedule a zoom to meet Curtis and to see how he can help:

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