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UNI announces ‘Green Retreat’ architecture competition results.

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UNI announces ‘Green Retreat’ architecture competition results.

January 05
19:51 2022
UNI announces ‘Green Retreat’ architecture competition results.

One of the winning entries.
The competition was to propose innovative design ideas for net-zero retreats to sensitize humans towards nature, amid modern fast-paced lives.

Somewhere within the fast-paced world of today, we have lost touch with ourselves, and instead of trying to live our lives we all try to race and excel at something that is someone else’s interest. With all the work that we deal with, our health has taken a back seat. Our lives have become sedentary and even those who are not, have lost the gratification it once gave, and in both cases, work has taken a toll on our health. 

Vacation is an essential break taken from one’s routine life to rejuvenate themselves from the wear and tear their work afflicts one with. But as all good things come to an end; vacations have a limit to them too. With an entire world population pushed to their limits with work, the collective travel can cause rupture to other things about the planet.

The competition was to find answers to the following questions:

Can vacation experiences enhance the places they are curated in?

Can tourism ever be sustainable?

Can retreats be more accountable for their ecological footprints?

While delivering great retreat experiences, can we sensitize people about their footprint on the planet and open doors for groups like the one above?

With this ever-rising demand for green getaways; many times, humans unknowingly ruin the existing and accessible ones. Which eventually poses a threat to the untouched parts of nature that remain. To go off-grid, one will only be left with so many places to set up a camp or have a picnic. As humans, it is our responsibility to make it as harmless and untouched of a process as we can make it. 

The design challenge was to create net-zero off-grid retreats/retreat centers that are safe yet provide requisite necessities to balance nature with human life around the year. According to the brief, the retreat was expected to be planned in all aspects of how humans can be sensitized to living with nature, at the same time how it is planned right from its inception to its day-to-day running. The participants were expected to pick at least 3 crucial facets which are prone to disrupt nature (eg. energy, waste management, food consumption, materials used, construction process, etc.) while building or running such a retreat.

Net-zero, is a tough challenge to solve, and it can’t be until engineering and architecture both come together to solve this issue.

The jury for the competition consisted of esteemed designers, professionals, and academicians from around the world. The Lead Jurors for the competitions were as follows: 

Brian Johnsen, Partner, Johnsen Schmaling Architects, United States.

Sebastian Schmaling, Partner, Johnsen Schmaling Architects, United States.

Sergio Araneda, Owner, SAA arquitectura + territorio, Chile.


Winning Project: DISEMBARKED

By: Colton Newbury 

Description: “The cabin in the forest, on the banks of a quiet lake or buried in the wilderness back of beyond, is an expression of man’s desire to escape the exactions of civilization and secure rest and seclusion by a return to the primitive.” ~ From the epigraph of William A. Bruette’s 1934 book, Log Camps & Cabins. A Green Retreat in Fairbanks, Alaska.

People’s Choice: Green Retreat-Nature within Us.

By: Hiral Surti

Description: A hidden yet dynamic space is created that encourages the visitors’ interaction. The Propose is to make the Biophilia hypothesis, the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Social connection is the experience of feeling close and connected to others. In humans, one of the most social species, social connection is essential to nearly every aspect of health and well-being.

Editor’s Choice: Green-Retreat – Living in the forest

By: André Malheiro & Maria Lima

Description: Being away from all the noise, pollution, and stress that come with living in big cities is a way of taking care of our mental health and our planet. We hope to provide that to our guests, as well as sensitize them to the power of nature and healthy construction practices.

Editor’s Choice: Lay.on.out.side

By: Magdalena Wojtal & Sabina Barnat

Description: Lay outside. We design a place where guests can run from the loud noise of the city and truly enjoy nature. Layout. The natural light goes to the inside of the building by the window located on the south. Lay on. All the functions that guests needs during their stay are closed in the box. Side. All the buildings are connected by a wooden path.

Editor’s Choice: Independent retreat (nature balance)

By: Misak Terzibasiyan & Aleksandra Klawikowska

Description: The inspiration behind this project was Alaska’s wilderness and rich heritage, with its diverse materials, patterns, and colours. These are reflected by four different shapes of the units, their colours, and the use of natural materials. The strong farming tradition in this region and the native cultural heritage, are a part of this proposal.

Editor’s Choice: The SPRUCE

By: Aaron Liggett

Description: Inspired by Nature’s ecosystems functions and evolutionary structure, this ecolodge rests harmoniously in its natural setting, preserving its ecological landscape processes offering a unique off-the-grid living experience.

Editor’s Choice: Rusted Trail Lodge

By: Yurii Petryna & Ivan Piatov

Description: Imagine the virgin nature of Alaska with its stately pine forests, magnificent mountains, and sweeping pure rivers and creeks. Alaska brings everything human needs to unwind from frail city civilization. In our lodge, you can relax truly and contact with eternal life-being, but not forget about habitual comfort is a global network of architects and designers who are solving some of the most challenging problems around the globe. UNI brings together the world’s largest pool of design challenges that are curated by the finest architecture academicians and professionals globally. With over 200,000+ registered members, UNI brings academia and professional spheres of architecture together through a unique knowledge-sharing web platform.

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