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Plano hauntings turn out to be roof damage

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Plano hauntings turn out to be roof damage

January 03
12:54 2022
Plano hauntings turn out to be roof damage
Dallas Roofer Emery Construction is here to assist
With a few reports of hauntings in the area, local roofer suggest first calling pest control and then calling them to fix your roof where the pest got in

Plano, Texas – There’s been a shocking trend on the rise in the Fort Worth area as a surprising number of reports have come in describing a hair-raising phenomenon.

“We were hearing horrifying things – scraping and thumping, creaking and moaning. Eventually we had to gather our courage and investigate. We really thought we were going crazy. Like, was this real? Are we really being haunted?” described a local homeowner who was one afflicted by the spooky goings-on.

He went on to explain that he was embarrassed by how long they tried to ignore the sounds. He and his wife had been attempting to go about their normal life and disregard the strange experiences they were having. They were both completely terrified of having some sort of paranormal encounter, and they felt like they might be losing their minds. But after a particularly harrowing night, they sat down and had a conversation with each other. They agreed that they needed to take action. When they gathered their courage and traced the symptoms to the attic, they soon realized what the problem really was.

Their roof had sustained damage somehow, they weren’t sure when. But it was letting a strong draft flow through the attic, and from the skittering sounds and refuse scattered around the room – the damage had also let in animals seeking refuge from the slowly dropping temperatures. Trying not to feel too silly, they called the Dallas roofer Emery Construction.

“This is a pretty common occurrence, so there’s definitely no reason for anyone to feel silly about this at all. Our advice to anyone in a similar situation would be… If you think your home might be cursed with a haunting, call a pest control service before you turn to anything otherworldly. Then, call us to repair your roof. Or find us online, a lot of customers just search ‘residential roofing Fort Worth’ or ‘commercial roofing Fort Worth’,” explained an Emery Construction representative.

The Dallas Roofing Contractor company’s representative went on to say that this family is not the first this season to call them to address a hauntingly damaged roof, and they expect that there will be more to come.

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