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How Strike.Market’s Alternative Data Helps Achieve Better Results in Stock Investing

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How Strike.Market’s Alternative Data Helps Achieve Better Results in Stock Investing

January 03
15:27 2022
Strike.Market is a stock research website that offers unique stock analysis solutions, combining traditional and alternative data acquisition methods for accurate long-term predictions of business trends and the performance of companies.

Delving into the minute details of prominent companies and business trends has allowed Strike Market to empower its investor clients and give them an edge over their stiff competition. While most stock analysts rely on tried and tested methods, Strike Market goes deeper, exploring alternative data in addition to traditional data, creating all-encompassing, far more accurate reports.

The company has developed a ground-breaking system that utilizes innovative stock-screening methods, continuous updates on a real-time feed, and a clear overview of financial data of relevant companies.

Clients and customers of Strike. Market is privy to information that is otherwise exclusively accessible through multiple services and a myriad of web-scraping tools. The company is a pioneer in the space of alternative data analysis, presenting a comprehensive solution on a singular platform.

The fundamental features of Strike.Market includes an impeccably cataloged database of stocks and a set of cutting-edge alternative metrics-tracking tools. What separates Strike. Market from similar stock analysis brands is its unique ‘leave-no-stone-unturned’ approach.

Strike.Market delves into website traffic, mobile apps records, social media activity and popularity, Google trends, volumes of internet engine searches, patents, employees, revenues, dividends, insider trading records, and more.

The volume of data Strike.Market acquires, and analyses is tremendous. As a solution to avoid flooding its clients with heaps of information, Strike.Market presents its proprietary Smart Feed function.

The company’s clients have a personalized feed that can be customized and fine-tuned with a unique set of tools, allowing each user to create a customized information board by selecting relevant datasets.

Investors can laser-focus on specific alternative data metrics or have a clear overview of general information regarding relevant companies’ financials, insider trading, calendars, stock tips, and more.

Strike.Market’s Academy is one of the latest features of the website, offering powerful insight regarding some of the brand’s most impactful features and methodologies. Through this section, Strike.Market educates its customers and clients about the basics and importance of alternative data and its uses in stock research:

“Real-time information enables investors to have a more accurate perception of a chosen company’s business performance. Basically, investors need not wait only for the quarterly financial results to see how the company is doing. They can monitor the company frequently to determine whether it is getting more customers. Additionally, when used in conjunction with traditional data, investors can more accurately predict long-term results,” said Jakub Roz, Founder of

Strike.Market has pioneered a solution for investors of all classes and all risk appetites, creating a platform that enables its users to thoroughly research selected companies, regardless of size, performance, or longevity in the market.

More information about Strike.Market, the website’s features, and the brand’s alternative data studies can be found on the company’s official website.

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