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Primens Takes In-Home Professional Pet Grooming To The Next Level With Primens Pet Hair Trimming Kit

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Primens Takes In-Home Professional Pet Grooming To The Next Level With Primens Pet Hair Trimming Kit

January 03
14:06 2022
On a mission to make every family member feel happy while being at home, Primens designed a functional tool to keep four-pawed buddies healthier and more joyous – professional dog grooming clippers helping pet owners carry a basic grooming procedure from the comfort of their homes.

Busy schedules frequently keep people on the go, so pet hair grooming often gets pushed aside by other commitments. Perhaps, furry buddies hate visiting a groomer, and a simple hair cutting procedure feels like one of the Avengers’ battles – hair all over the place, dog that’s terrified, and keeps on giving dog owners accusing gazes.

But no matter what, maintaining pet hair in good condition is essential not just for the neat look. It is also critical for the dog’s health.

“Just like humans, dogs feel much better when they are clean and well-groomed,” says Michael, one of the founders of the Primens brand. “We have recently adopted Shih Tzu Lulu and hair grooming has become our routine. I have no clue how we could have coped with tangles and mats if we haven’t maintained her hair properly. Besides, she likes it when we are trimming her hair at home and hates it when we take her to the groomer. Rachael and I saw the need to get a pro dog grooming kit for in-home use. None of the ones we tried met our needs, so we decided to create that perfect product by ourselves.”

Primens introduces a pet grooming kit that includes everything dog owners need to buzz off dog’s hair: dog hair clippers with sharp ceramic blades, six guard combs for various hair styles, a comb, scissors, a cleaning brush, an oil bottle, and an apron.

It’s All About the Health 

For cats and dogs, hair grooming is essential for their health. As dog owners neglect proper hair hygiene, this might result in severe health consequences. When they groom a pet’s hair, they can discover health issues that hide under fur. Also, matted hair can lead to skin irritation or infect wounds, while ungroomed hair mat can become a favorable environment for fleas and ticks.

Primens dog grooming supplies are reliable assistants while maintaining the well-being of pets. The dog hair trimmer allows dog owners to effortlessly buzz off long hair to prevent it from getting matted. 33-teeth ceramic blades easily cut hair without pulling it, so pooches won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Just Let Pets Stay Cool

Dog owners may want to give their thick-haired pet a ‘summer cut’ to help them stay comfortable during hot, humid summer weather. While shaving cats or dogs might not be the best idea (in fact, this might make things even worse), a moderate trimming would save them from overheating.

“Our Persian cat Gracie hated summers until we tried our pet grooming clippers on her. We used the largest guard comb to make certain enough hair is left to support the natural cooling system. The motor works quietly, so our timid cat was absolutely calm during the trimming procedure,” states Michael. 

A Splendid Way to Show Off

Pets are fur parents’ pride. And many want them to look gorgeous. This frequently involves getting stylish haircuts.

With Primens dog trimmer for grooming, they get to easily style their pets’ hair the way they want without wasting time and money on frequent groomer visits. Thanks to six detachable guard combs, they will easily regulate the length of hair pet parents cut and will never trim too much. 

Perfect Bonding Time

If the pet panics at ‘Come on, buddy, we are going to the groomer,’ perhaps, it’s time to think of arranging an in-home grooming salon. Dog owners may consider it a chance to spend more time with their furry friends and build a stronger connection.

Primens dog clippers for grooming work for any fur type and ensure pets enjoy the hair trimming. Due to two speed modes, these are great dog clippers for grooming for thick coats and thin hair. The cordless design allows dog owners to do the hair cutting job in any place that feels good for their pet. They only have to charge it from time to time. A display shows how much power is left. 


Keeping pet hair well-groomed is essential from the aesthetical, health-related, and bonding sides. With Primens pet clippers, dog owners can trim their pet’s hair in the way they want without costly groomer visits. The device is powerful enough to handle all fur types, even the thick ones. The quiet motor won’t scare cats or dogs, while detachable guard combs will let pet parents create a perfect and even haircut. These pet clippers for dogs and cats are indispensable for all pet parents who want only the best for their furry friends.

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