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Artem Martynyuk’s country song ‘Son’ reflects on joys of fatherhood

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Artem Martynyuk’s country song ‘Son’ reflects on joys of fatherhood

November 17
18:57 2021
Artem Martynyuk released his first-ever single ‘Son’ on October 25th.

The introspective country-pop song, reminiscent of Thomas Rhett or Lee Brice, opens with the line, “Son, it ain’t forever that I’ll be around, thought I’d write a few words down.” Martynyuk dedicated the song to his two-year-old son, August. He recalls, “I was with my family one Sunday afternoon and kept getting distracted by business on my phone. I thought to myself, ‘Man, I gotta stop doing this. If I keep going down this path, I’ll miss all the moments.’ It’s why I wrote the line, ‘Son, your phone can wait so put it down.’ In a sense, I’m talking to myself as well. This phone can wait. But this moment cant.

For years, Martynyuk has successfully run Safety Restore, a reputable seatbelt repair company. “I know all too well the demands of business and how it can steal time from your family,” he says. “Looking back, I would give up everything to spend more time with them.”

Time is of the essence, the song seems to say, and people don’t have much of it. “I want August to grow up and be a better man than me. I want him to put God and family first. I don’t want him getting caught up in all the worldly things — things that seem to take the little time we’ve been given.”

When the beautiful guitar strumming comes to an end, and the final piano note resonates into silence, Martynyuk wants listeners to walk away with a singular feeling. “Love your children. Give them your time. It’s the most important thing you can give them.” And, finally, with a laugh he adds: “I just want everyone to be a farmer. And my son on a John Deere.”

“Son” is available now on all streaming platforms.

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