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Re-discover Cooking Passion With Ciarra Appliances

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Re-discover Cooking Passion With Ciarra Appliances

November 17
03:51 2021

CIARRA promoting a sustainable lifestyle with efficient and quality kitchen appliances

As the world focuses on sustainable energy consumption, there has been little attention given to how cooking contributes to global emissions. With every household engaging in cooking once or twice a day, the amount of energy consumed is great. A recent study revealed that cooking alone accounts for 60% of the total emission that is associated with food.

A home appliance company that focuses on a sustainable lifestyle, CIARRA, is at the forefront in encouraging homes to invest in energy-efficient and eco-friendly kitchen appliances. The company aims at reducing the kitchen’s contribution to carbon emissions and subsequent global warming through providing appliances that are energy-efficient and made from environmentally friendly materials. CIARRA range hoods have over the years providing its customers with products that not just meet their needs, but also help to conserve the environment. They have also made product improvements aimed at offering a sustainable lifestyle. One such product that CIARRA is offering that will help homes reduce energy consumption is the cooker hood.

“Our company has full control from design to manufacturing, to ensure that the production process meets the environmental threshold as well as quality”, said the company representative, while emphasizing the principles of a sustainable lifestyle that they have adopted as a company in the kitchen appliances sector.

Product improvements and eco-friendly products

CIARRA is not only conserving the environment through efficient energy use, but the company is using biodegradable plastics, with a long-term plan to reduce the use of plastics. According to a company representative, it is also innovating more new eco-friendly product lines for its kitchen appliances. All the other products at CIARRA are in the process of upgrading for sustainable purposes, as well.  

Energy efficient

Apart from the direct emission of greenhouse gases, cooking is also known to consume high amounts of energy. It is widely known that a significant proportion of energy that is consumed at the household level comes from fossil fuels. With the world moving towards cleaner and more efficient energy and also recognizing that the transition may take some time, environmentalists are calling for increased efficiency in the use of energy as a way of reducing the impact on global warming in the interim. They are calling on families to utilize cooking appliances that leave fewer carbon footprints, as well as the use of cooking methods that require less energy. According to a CIARRA representative, this is what the company has in mind with their cooker hood. The representative adds that the product fits the category perfectly well. Its energy efficiency is high as class A and saves up to 50% energy. Class A++ can save up to 88%. This efficiency is not only contributing to less carbon footprint and overall environmental benefits but also towards reducing the amount that families spend on power.

Delivering a pleasant cooking experience

CIARRA appreciates that cooking can be a messy and stressful chore, and this could be a reason a lot of people don’t like to spend time in the kitchen. “Such problems will block your passion for cooking”, says the company representative, while adding that they have seen it all and thought ahead.

“With our products, we are seeking to strengthen the bond for social intercourse among people through cooking and food, as well as to arouse your interest and passion in cooking”, adds the company spokesperson.

CIARRA delivers more pleasant cooking experiences for every member of the family, from the high-performance product lines, down to the user-friendly designs.

As a professional kitchen appliance brand, the company believes that home cooking should be convenient and pleasant. The easy-to-use induction hob and oven can give families total control over the temperature, so overcooking or undercooking food is no longer a problem; the range hood is so effective that when families have a party where they fry, cook, or roast, none of the odors would leave with the guests, just the great food and fun memories.

“Our responsibility is to give you appliances that can bring joy in every detail of the cooking experience. Whatever you need in the kitchen, big or small, CIARRA delivers a better selection. CIARRA means care, and delivering the right appliances in a better way”, says the representative.

According to the company spokesperson, the kitchen appliances offer families an opportunity to enjoy quality time as CIARRA has intensely focused on their needs to detangle the frustrations in the kitchen.

CIARRA is using cast aluminum motor housing instead of plastic, which is durable and sturdy; it is carefully crafted to ensure CIARRA’s range hoods can function stably and efficiently. It has enhanced functions, including delay function and clean and fresh function.

Other features include:

– Sensitive Touch Control Panel                        
– Five Layers Aluminum Grease Filters     
– Energy-Efficient LED Lights


Quality, according to the company spokesperson, is another aspect that they have maintained for the last ten years in the home and kitchen appliances business. “We have made it our top priority to ensure our customers are satisfied by the products that we deliver. We aim at meeting 100% satisfaction when it comes to our products and services. It is for this reason that we encourage feedback from our customers”, says the representative.

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CIARRA is a family heritage business with a vertically integrated production line that has full control from design to manufacturing. For more than ten years, CIARRA has been providing its customers with high-quality products. Their top priority has been delivering products and services that offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Through providing its home appliances CIARRA aims at encouraging sustainable lifestyles where families and friends spend quality time together while enjoying sumptuous meals prepared and served with the appropriate kitchen appliances. With CIARRA home and kitchen appliances, customers can light up their passion for cooking, allowing them to share joy and satisfaction with their family and friends.

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