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Finally… A Solution To The Mice Plague

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Finally… A Solution To The Mice Plague

November 11
02:09 2021
We got tired of Playing Cat and Mice… So WE came up with a Solution…!

New South Wales, Australia – Introducing the Silver Bullet Mouse Trap, which kills 3000+ mice a day, reusable, 100% environmentally friendly and humane… GUARANTEED.

No longer do Australian Farmers or Residents have to be violated by the mice infestation in their homes & farms.

An innovative startup, Silver Bullet Mouse Trap, has just launched their latest mousetrap that takes care of the mice infestation humanely and effectively.

With its ingenious design and heavy-duty materials, the 80 litre Silver Bullet MouseTrap can hold over 3000 mice before it has to be emptied. This mouse trap uses the most effective mousetrap tested worldwide and survived the scrutiny of the Internet Community – “The PIRATE Plank Method”… 

For mice attracted to that delicious High CARB Peanut Butter BAIT, there is no ESCAPE!

The mice plague has gotten simply dangerous over the last few years. People are getting sick due to mouse contamination, whilst NSW & QLD farmers are predicting the mouse plague to destroy 1billion dollars’ worth of crops, risking the health of their family members.

Although the mice plague has subsided in certain areas, it’s just during Winter where the mice can breed, replenish and come back HARDER… With the Mouse MAP indicating just how bad the mouse crisis STILL is…

As proven, chemical bait is not an effective short or long term solution to this problem – even Bunnings Australia is under pressure to stop selling Chemical Bait.

For this specific reason, this new startup put 6 months into developing a very simple 100% NATURAL solution that works to automatically kill Thousands of Mice… humanely.”

Aside from the affordable price tag, some Residents are entitled to Govt Rebates up to $500, or $1000 for Small business, to take control of their mouse problems…

The Silver Bullet Mouse Trap is easy to set up and can be reused. At present, there is not a single product in the market that can compete with this mousetrap, and NSW Farmers are all out of ideas. Buy one or many and stop the infestation…

See image and video proof of how it works:

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