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Artemis leading Southeast Asia’s impact creation, tackling pressing challenges

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Artemis leading Southeast Asia’s impact creation, tackling pressing challenges

November 11
00:39 2021

There is an old adage: “If you cannot measure you can not manage.” This is the vision with which, Artemis Impact is offering impact measurement & management advice, & tools to companies to help them unleash their abilities to address environmental and social issues in Southeast Asia. 

Established in 2018, it is a highly localized company that wants to help the regional sustainability players to collect bottom-up data to stay transparent and accountable to all their stakeholders — consumers, employees, governments, regulators, shareholders, etc. 

The Artemis corporate enterprise solution, a combination of consultation, training and proprietary technology allows the players to measure the outcome of their activities on the people or the environment in real-time — both positive or negative. This data-driven approach enables impact makers to stay agile, make informed decisions, know the actual impact of the activities they are doing, and ultimately create more impact. 

“With the setting up of SDGs and now the recent COP26, the pressure on companies and the philanthropic sector to perform is insurmountable, and rightly so, which also means that the reporting can not be limited to the amount of USD spent on the problems. We have to go beyond & show the outcome or impact it created on either the people or the planet.” – Simon Oberman, COO Artemis Impact 

By letting the numbers speak, Artemis aims to help cull out attempts of greenwashing and SDG washing. 

“It is vital to let numbers tell the stories, Artemis’ solution shifts you to outcome value creation and storytelling”, adds Oberman. 

Artemis Impact; a social enterprise, currently offers three main verticals; the Corporate enterprise solution (aimed at enabling companies at sharing more evidence-based impact stories), the Artemis Impact Platform (a web & mobile-based platform allowing organizations to visualize impact strategy, collect data, analyze impact & report impact data), & the Artemis Academy (a free online course provider for nonprofits or anyone else to learn more about impact theories and impact measurement). 

To learn more about Artemis Impact visit the website at

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