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Valerie Pascale, the Musical Angel of the North, on Building Her Career and the Setbacks She Endured

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Valerie Pascale, the Musical Angel of the North, on Building Her Career and the Setbacks She Endured

November 09
08:00 2021
Valerie Pascale, the Musical Angel of the North, on Building Her Career and the Setbacks She Endured

The cold north has graced the world by producing some of the music’s most incredible talents like Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, and more. Joining the fray is an artist on the rise, Valerie Pascal, who has been delving into a plethora of genres and consistently delivering quality in music.

Hailing from Thetford Mines, Canada, Valerie Pascal strives to continue her family’s musical legacy with the rhythm, melody, and creativity flowing through her veins. Her grandparents were monumental pieces in influencing her. Her grandmother was known as a visionary in the art community, while her grandfather thrived in music, particularly opera, where he built a career. Valerie was inspired by how connected they were in their respective fields and sought to follow in their footsteps.

As she grew up, music became more than just an entertaining hobby. It became a way of life for her. Valerie persevered to hone her talents with an uncanny gift for singing, laying the foundation for a music career. With a goal set in mind, she carried herself in a way that people believed she was already a professional as Valerie continued to build her name.

Valerie Pascale’s debut project, “Can You Feel It,” was a testimony to the distance she could run, speaking to crowds about the feeling of being in love. From there, she would produce radio-ready hits, one after the other, with her distinct voice and unique sound. As an artist, Valerie knew that building on one genre would help propel her to thrive, but she would often experiment with her sound, delving into rock, country, trap, and Latin, to name a few.

Although she was on her way to stardom, the rising artist’s career would hit a setback when a relationship that had once been the stuff of dreams went downhill, soaring into a violent partnership. Valerie became pregnant, but tragedy struck when she lost her child. Hurt but not broken, the artist shifted her focus back to her ambitions, determined to meet her musical goals and go beyond.

Recently, Valerie shed some light on how she decided to pursue a music career. The artist said, “I’ve had a craving to entertain people since a very young age. I’ve been expressing my artist persona since the age of six through figure-skating, singing, and acting.” She also elaborated on the brief hiatus from her dreams. “Like everyone, I’ve had my obstacles. The one I feel ready to share with you is the most recent one. Two years ago, I was stuck in a very violent relationship, both emotional and physical, which put my career on hold.”

Since then, the versatile artist has bounced back, keeping herself busy with projects to bring herself closer to her dreams. She recently released a Christmas track titled “Then I Remember” and “Hypnotized.” Valerie Pascale is currently working on a pop-based EP, taking influence from legends like Elton John, Queen, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Celine Dion.

Stay tuned for Valerie Pascale’s latest tracks by following her on Instagram. You can also find her music on Spotify and YouTube.

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