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Plexis: Helping People Discover and Organize Amazing In-Person and Virtual Events

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Plexis: Helping People Discover and Organize Amazing In-Person and Virtual Events

August 05
21:45 2021
Plexis: Helping People Discover and Organize Amazing In-Person and Virtual Events

No one likes missing out. In fact, a survey by The Foundation for Art and Healing reported 64% of college students said they felt ‘very lonely’ and felt that social media has caused them to feel socially isolated. Today people experience more social anxiety than ever before. Social media platforms often propagate this, acting as highlight reels for all the awesome things other people are doing. The Fear of Miss Out (FOMO) is a real problem, especially for Millenials and Gen Zers. As a college student at Mount St. Mary’s university, Zach Hurst experienced this challenge first hand. Why was there no go-to platform to find out about events before they happen? 

This lead to the creation of Plexis, a social planning and event management platform that helps people find, plan and organize in-person and virtual events with their friends. Plexis has a mission to bring people together for amazing experiences with others. Unfortunately the current state of social media platforms have been engulfed with clutter and negativity. Plexis keeps it simple with only displaying events. Think of scrolling through Instagram, except instead of viewing videos and pictures you see a timeline of events coming up either in your geographical location or virtually.

Plexis allows users to create public and private events, join existing events and share events with their friends through Plexis, group chats and other social media channels. After an event is created, the app sends a personalized invite notification to all the invitees along with follow up notification reminders to ensure no one misses out on their upcoming events. People can easily view and manage their events on their personalized event timeline or view them on their personalized Plexis calendar, which integrates directly to their phone calendar. 

Plexis is focused on reaching individual event planners, professional event organizers, and online influencers. Since launching in 2020, Plexis has gained traction in the online influencer space and has proved to be the perfect platform to schedule live streams, video drops, merchandise promotions, and in-person meetups. While Plexis suits any kind of event, from a sporting event to a family gathering, Plexis has made the biggest impact so far with helping influencers better engage with their fans and followers. Plexis gives influencers a central platform to connect with their followers, specifically through the private groups feature.  This helps drive more traffic to their social media accounts to increase fan engagement and monetization opportunities. 

Plexis is currently available on iOS (Apple) and is excited to release their Android version in August of 2021. The Plexis team is diligent about seeking feedback from users and constantly adding new features to enhance the user experience. Plexis has seen massive growth over the past several months and is positioned to rapidly scale its userbase. Co-Founder and CEO, Zach Hurst, believes that Plexis is about to greatly disrupt the social media industry and become the household name in the social planning and event management space. 

Learn more about Plexis on the official website at or follow the company on Instagram.

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