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Some useful DIY maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators and freezers

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Some useful DIY maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators and freezers

August 04
16:56 2021

To avoid these accidental losses that might be caused by the refrigeration equipment that suddenly breaks down, it is necessary to get routine maintenance for your refrigerators and freezers. Routine maintenance not only can ensure your equipment running properly, but also help keep good performance at energy saving. As for running a store or restaurant, the energy costs for refrigerating application accounts for almost half of the total energy usage, you can save so much money on energy consumption every year when your refrigeration unit work normally. Below are some helpful DIY maintenance tips for keeping your commercial refrigerator & freezer clean and running perfectly.

Keep Your Refrigerator Away From Dusty & Oil Vapor Area

Commercial refrigerators & freezers are the mission-critical appliances to a grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. that include glass display fridge, drink display fridge, deli display fridgecake display fridgeice cream display freezermeat display fridge, etc. If the refrigeration equipment in the retail and food service works properly to keep your food and beverages well and fresh, it can be a useful friend of the owner. But when your refrigerators or freezers perform abnormally, the owner may have a dream, as it can put your business in the worst possible situation. If the refrigerator or freezer in the grocery store or restaurant kitchen suddenly breaks down and the warehouse temperature rises normally, you may know that the food and drink on sale can be damaged, which can cause significant economic losses for the store. . the owner, not only that, but the owner has to pay extra to repair the device.

Some Useful DIY Maintenance Tips For Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer


If your commercial refrigerator or freezer is used in a kitchen, it would be better to keep it away from a dusty area full of flour or other powder material, which can easily float into the compressor and become clogs to reduce the refrigeration performance. If position your refrigeration equipment nearby cooking area, where the fryer can release oil vapor that would become killing clots to damage the compressor.

Clean The Interior & Exterior Of The Refrigerator Weekly

The interior & exterior of your commercial refrigeration equipment need to be cleaned constantly, you can do it at least once a week to clean the stains and spills on the surface, especially the spills nearby the exposed components need to be removed before they get into the components and cause it to fail. When cleaning the refrigerator, use a towel and soft brush with warm water or detergent-based solution, tough stains can be cleaned by using some baking soda, to avoid damaging the surface, it would be better to use the proper cleaning materials before checking the manuals and instructions offered by the manufacturers.

Check & Clean Condenser Coils Every 6 Months

It’s suggested that the condenser coils are checked and cleaned at least once every 6 months, but you can clean them once every month if the working location easily gets dirty, that would depend on your circumstances. Disconnect power to the refrigerator before cleaning the condenser coils, use a brush to remove dirt & dust, and then use a strong vacuum sweeper to clean the remaining residue. Frequently check if there are liquid and spills to accumulate in your condenser, as excess moisture would cause your system to spend extra time to freeze up, which might reduce the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment.

Clean The Evaporator Coils Every 6 Months

Clean The Evaporator Coils Every 6 Months |  Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer DIY Maintenance Tips

Like the condensing unit, the evaporator is also a crucial component of your refrigeration equipment. The evaporator coil is usually installed by the evaporator fan, when the warm air gets through the refrigeration unit, it is responsible for absorbing heat to help cool the cabinet’s interior. Ensure the power is cut off before cleaning the evaporator coil, keep the surrounding area and the fan clean to ensure that the coil works optimally for a long period of time. Avoid stuffing too many items into the interior, especially the items that come piping hot.

Check the Sealing Gaskets Routinely

The gasket strips are essential to the doors of a commercial refrigerator. To prevent any damage or rapid aging, you should check and clean it at least once every 6 months, it would be better to do it more often if the equipment is for heavy-duty usage. If the gasket is cracked or split, it would reduce the performance on sealing, causing the thermal insulation of cabinet to get worse. You should replace it once the gasket is broken, it would be better to purchase appropriately according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Avoid Storage Of Moldy And Polluted Ice

Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer DIY Maintenance Tips | Avoid Storage Of Moldy And Polluted Ice

Ice that gets soiled and polluted affects your service quality and business, and can even cause your customer’s health problems, in the worst case, you could end up violating health regulations and get punished. So we must pay attention to the ice maker and prevent it from bacterium and viruses. So routine maintenance and cleaning are necessary for ice maker to remove the accumulation of dirt and mold, so it would be better to do it at least once every 6 months.

Clean The Air Filters Regularly

Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer DIY Maintenance Tips | Clean The Air Filters Regularly

The air ventilation in the commercial refrigeration equipment would become abnormal if there are accumulated dust and clingage on the air filters so that regular cleanings are necessary. Use a powerful vacuum sweeper to remove the dust and dirt on it, and solve the clingage by using degreasing solution. Follow the manufacturer’s manual or consult your service provider for tips on how to properly maintain the air filters.

Keep Your Refrigerator And Freezer Dry

Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer DIY Maintenance Tips | Keep Your Refrigerator And Freezer Dry

Be sure to wipe the water and liquid collected indoors and outdoors. Excessive moisture will take longer to freeze your refrigerator, which will increase energy consumption. Not only that, you should plan to check the humidity regularly at least once a week.

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