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Fervent Launches an “All Access Pass” to its Library of Rigorous Financial and Investment Courses

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Fervent Launches an “All Access Pass” to its Library of Rigorous Financial and Investment Courses

July 20
03:18 2021
The “All Access Pass” will give end-users unrestrained access to all of Fervent’s courses on finance and investment, including future courses

Financial literacy is a big problem globally, and sadly, very few persons have access to financial and investment educational materials. Nonetheless, financial education is crucial for anyone wanting to build a lasting financial future. One of the many motivations behind Fervent is the creation of online courses to democratize financial education and make high-quality, rigorous content easily accessible.

Fervent is a knowledge-sharing platform that uploads courses regularly provided by top experts in their fields, covering all aspects of finance and investing. In keeping with this goal, the company has announced that it will be offering an “All Access Pass” that will give users unlimited access to all of their finance and investing courses.

Financial understanding is key to solving many of the world’s problems, and Fervent is sold out to bridging the gap between two extremes existing in the financial sphere today. According to a source from Fervent, the first extreme is the “penny stock proponents” who speak nonsense but make finance and investing look sexy and interesting. In contrast, the second extreme is the rigorous researchers and academics who speak the facts and rely on the math but make finance seem vastly complicated and on some occasions, boring.

The source added that “Finance is simple, once you get your head around it. And with our growing library of content, you’ll never have to look anywhere else to learn from rigorous courses that are backed by research and taught with simplicity.”

By creating on-demand, online courses in Finance, Investing, and Accounting related concepts, Fervent aims to provide adequate financial understanding at a very affordable price. They feature some of the most in-depth, rigorous courses available on the internet. These courses are formulated via inspirations drawn from math, data, and logic instead of random subjective personal opinions.

In addition, each course on Fervent is offered with HD video lessons, hundreds of quiz questions with impeccably detailed solutions, and mathematical proofs for the mathematically curious. They also include python code (for courses that use/teach Python for Finance), Excel templates (built from scratch), and much more.

Fervent strives to be a comprehensive repository of financial, educational materials for the following set of users:

  1. People interested in learning Finance, Investing, and Accounting and gaining a solid foundation in the underlying intuitions and rationales behind concepts.
  2. Current and future professionals in the Financial Management, Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Investing (note: NOT “day trading”), Quantitative Finance space
  3. University / College students (especially those studying Finance, Accounting, Investing)

With the “All Access Pass,” Fervent is helping these users eliminate the hassle of accessing the courses featured on the platform. To join 16,000+ students from 157 countries who choose to #LearnWithDistinction and enjoy unlimited access to all of Fervent’s financial and investing courses, please visit

About Fervent

Fervent is the premier online learning provider for distinction students. With over a decade of training experience gained by helping thousands of students and professionals worldwide, it has become one of the world’s most trusted learning providers. The company was able to achieve this feat through its flagship Private Tuition service and on-demand, student-centric online courses designed for distinction.

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