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11-Year Old 2x Author becomes Creative Director of a Publishing Company – Universal Impact Press

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11-Year Old 2x Author becomes Creative Director of a Publishing Company – Universal Impact Press

July 14
19:39 2021

Writing a compelling book is demanding and a journey paved with many alluring detours that beckon you to stop. The people around you may not understand the drive to write and release your book. But what can keep you going in such circumstances? What would giving up mean not only to you, but to those who look up to you? Well, pushing through the odds to remain true to your course is the secret to living in your Purpose, and making an impact in the lives of others. And this has been the life of 11-year-old, Andreas Minnis.

You see, Andreas’ mom, Aisha Lloyd-Minnis, is a renowned author and has mentored her son into the writing industry. Aisha became an author in 2018 when she wrote  her   first   book  (under the moniker “Aisha Wonderfull”) following  the death   of  her beloved grandmother, a collection of life lessons she learned from her, that she was inspired to share with others.  This motivated then 8 year old Andreas  to write a fictional children’s book which was inspired by the relationship he had with his father.  When “Joshua Holt and the Columbia Crushers” was published to rave reviews, he got a lot of publicity in his native hometown of Nassau, Bahamas, and he was excited to write another book about the importance of family. 

Unfortunately, things would take a different turn when some kids in his class started teasing him.  They called him a nerd and made fun of him for writing a book and for doing well in school.  This went on for a while until it escalated into him getting into a fistfight! The parents and teachers got together and everything was resolved, however lasting damage had been done. The teasing and bullying had robbed Andreas of his confidence, and he scrapped his plans of writing another book.  His mother watched as he shrank into himself, and tried to fit in. He stopped doing the things that made him happy, and would only want to do something if he thought it was “cool.”

However, by 2021, things had gotten better. Andreas and his mom had relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana. Here, they welcomed a new baby sister, Autumn Skye, Aisha released her third book and started holding writing groups for women.  Andreas became her assistant, and would listen as his mom gave women writing strategies and encouraged them to overcome their fears, doubts and  insecurities to  write their stories  and inspire others. Aisha recited her mantra to them each week: “Your story is ABOUT you, but it’s not FOR you!”  Little did she know that Andreas was soaking it all in. 

In  the Spring of 2021, Andreas announced that he was writing his second book, but instead  of writing about the importance of family, he wanted to write a children’s book inspired by the bullying that he encountered.  Living in New Orleans, Andreas attended  a new school  and his 5th grade English teacher Michael Skinkus  was a  great mentor  and role model to him.  He encouraged Andreas  to be himself, no matter what others thought of him.  Mr. Skinkus’ encouragement, along with his experience helping his mother with her writing groups helped Andreas reclaim his confidence and become comfortable expressing himself in a way that’s true to him, no matter who may not think it is not “cool.” On   June 8th, Andreas released the   2nd installment of the Joshua  Holt  series: Joshua Holt and the Bully, which he dedicated to Mr. Skinkus.   

This journey inspired Aisha to formalize the work that she and Andreas had been doing, and together, they launched Universal Impact Press, a faith-based publishing and consultancy company that guides aspiring authors through the process of writing, publishing, and marketing their books. Combining her professional background as a CPA for 20+ years, with her and Andreas’ experiences as international best-selling authors and international motivational speakers, Aisha and Andreas are  committed to helping other  women and children extend their reach and share their stories to impact others on a global level.  Through their publishing company, she and Andreas help women and children extend their messages by publishing impactful and inspiring books that will make a difference in the lives of others. 

If you are looking to share your story and inspire others, Universal Impact Press has a full suite of book coaching, author branding, and publishing services which can be custom tailored to best serve your needs. Even if you want your child to be coached and guided through writing their first book, this is the place to get started. With Andreas as the Creative Director of  the Children’s Division, your young one will find the inspiration and guidance they need. To contact Universal Impact Press, click here.

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