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Committed HP Offers New Era of Super Affordable Home Gym Equipment To Help Those Spending More Time at Home

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Committed HP Offers New Era of Super Affordable Home Gym Equipment To Help Those Spending More Time at Home

October 20
11:06 2020
Committed HP Offers New Era of Super Affordable Home Gym Equipment To Help Those Spending More Time at Home
The global spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in a lot of ways. With social distancing recommended and businesses shut down, many people have found themselves working from home or staying at home more. And with gyms operating at limited capacity or not as accessible, staying fit may be a challenge, especially as the prices of home gym equipment have risen.

Committed HP offers game-changing home gym equipment for under $100.

California, US – The phrase “GAME-CHANGER” has become synonymous with Committed HP products as these words seem to come out almost reflexively during people’s first experience with their tools. The team at Committed HP is dedicated to helping everyone from beginners through to more experienced fitness customers maintain their energy and balance during the lockdown which has caused several public places, including the gyms to operate at reduced capacity. 

To help many overcome the growing costs and overwhelm associated with purchasing home gym equipment, the team is proud to be offering three (3) products that together can all fit in together in a small drawer and are priced under $100. With these three products, The Better BandThe Moball Roller v2, and The Move Band our customers can get a better handle on their health and fitness needs from the comfort of their homes.

In the midst of an extremely challenging year, Committed HP is choosing a uniquely positive perspective by focusing on providing our customers with personal growth and transformation opportunities. The opportunity to create more autonomy, connection and efficiency through their self-care and fitness practices.

Quote from Committed HP Head Coach and Founder Bryan Osuna:

‘The goal of the team at Committed HP is to build a community around health and fitness where our customers can have quality resources that go deeper than just one magic product or solution that in a month or two will no longer be used. Through the community, our customers can learn from others on their journey and from a variety of professionals including personal trainers, coaches, physical therapists and doctors. Experiences with workouts or routines, and get inspired through their health and fitness journeys. Plus bounce new and fun ideas of how to bring their health and fitness into everyday life that is something people look forward to. For beginners just starting out and those well versed in fitness.’

The Better Band tool from Committed HP is the only resistance band that can be effortlessly hooked on or off the body and can be adjusted to the most precise length that fits whatever exercise the user is engaged in. Customers are not only reporting it as “hands down the best band on the market”, but many are saying it is “the most useful tool that they own.” The product has been specially designed such that users can not only benefit from its unique Quick-Hook Technology, but also from the high-quality fabric materials, strong iron hook, non-slip grip, and comfortable fit that guarantees an overall better experience. “This band has everything amazing about bands multiplied many times over. It’s way more comfortable. Way more durable. Way more versatile. Without the annoying characteristics of traditional resistance bands like catch on my feet, have a toxic smell, hurt my legs, roll up on itself and break.”

Describing the experience using the Better Band product, one customer said: “My body looks and feels better after just a few weeks. It’s like the Better Band just lights everything up. Best health investment I’ve made this year!”

Those interested in health and fitness beyond just their workout will also find the adjustable Moball Roller to be essential as part of their fitness drawer. This tool has been specially designed to be more effective and versatile, thus helping users to better achieve their recovery and self-care goals. Boasting a proprietary AdjustaBall© design, users can enjoy a superior foam roller that addresses key muscles, hard-to-reach places, and the nuances of their body. Committed HP founder, Bryan Osuna, first designed the Moball Roller years ago to help heal his own body. This tool along with a better understanding of how to care for his body helped dig him out of a mess of pain and injuries that were the result of a long athletic career and improper training.

Available across the United States, the Moball Roller has generated phenomenal reviews and inspiring stories from customers who have used the product since its successful Kickstarter launch campaign last year. One of the customers who chose the product described it saying: “The Moball Roller changed my life & saved my career. It is hands down the most versatile self-massage tool on the market.”

With the Moball Roller, users can enjoy a wide range of benefits including decreased tension in muscles, joints, and fascia through trigger point release; a relaxing effect on the nervous system thus contributing immensely to stress relief; mobilization of the spine and relief of back discomfort; improved energy and recovery through increased circulation, flexibility, and respiratory function; enhanced performance through improved body awareness and activation; an overall promotion of posture and alignment via balancing muscle tension, and more!

The Move Band enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your fitness routine by enabling full-body strength training, stretching and even athletic training. Plus the Move band is excellent for assisting yoga movements, rehabilitation exercise and physical therapy. This lightweight and easy to use a piece of gym equipment is versatile, easily portable and so affordable compared to bulky gym equipment. “I never would have imagined how much I can get done with something so simple.”

Resistance bands, like the Move Band, have been proven to be just as effective in various types of training when compared to traditional weights. In fact for certain exercises, the type of resistance that the Move Band provides has been shown to be more effective than weights because they maintain muscle tension throughout the entirety of an exercise.

About Committed HP:

Committed HP is a family-owned small business on a mission to create an ecosystem of resources, inspiration and community for modern humans to thrive. With so many outdated & gimmicky products out there, we believe there is a serious need for more innovation and quality.

The ethos of Committed HP emerged from a vision of a community of truly healthy, happy, high-performing humans. Specifically, we are committed to helping people transform and optimize their lives by providing resources around key foundational aspects of health and performance. The philosophy is to mindfully combine timeless wisdom with modern understanding to create innovation and excellence in these areas. We use movement as a primary platform and launching-off point to start making change in people’s lives. The system is designed to serve as a foundation for journeys of every level, size, color and flavor. We are a community led by wellness warriors who walk the walk and talk the talk with passion and compassion.

At Committed HP, we believe that quality of life is measured by our capacity to experience, express, adapt and grow on the journey toward the life we envision. We do not wait to arrive at a destination to experience and celebrate life. We invest in the process, the everyday being and doing, the expressions of authenticity, the encounters with destiny, the discipline that creates freedom, the passion and movement that make us feel alive!

What is the “Purpose”?

● To create innovative and high-quality products for better health and fitness.

● To provide resources to help people feel, function, look & live better.

● To help others understand that health, healing, happiness and high performance are not separate endeavors, but inextricably connected pieces of fabric woven into the tapestry of their life.

● To cultivate true community and nurture deep connections in the midst of the ever growing disconnected crowd.

● To increase our capacity to give and positively impact those in need.

Get the fitness products from Committed HP via phone on +1 714-785-2400, email via [email protected], or visit their website.

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