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January 09
00:48 2020 Explains the Many Different Styles of Men\'s Pants

There’s no question that a man in a tailored shirt, dinner jacket, and quality coat makes a great style statement. However, all this effort is worth nothing if their bottom half looks somewhat neglected. To get the pants right, it may be a bit more challenging than some men think.

To help ensure every man gets quality pants that fit properly, some advice may be needed. Regardless of if you need some of the best corduroy pants in your winter wardrobe, or if you are looking for something else, keep reading. The tips here will ensure the right fit, style, and quality of the pants wanted are found. 

Flat-Front vs. Pleated Front

For men with bigger thighs or who carry a bit of extra weight lower in their torso, pleated front pants are a smart option. However, a single or double pleat can provide a classic look to dress pants, but they may be too much on a slimmer man. If this style is chosen, though, a cuff is a must. For slimmer men or those with a slimmer build, flat front pants offer a modern look and style. As mentioned above, for those with bigger thighs, this may not be a good look.

Cuffs or No Cuffs

Another important consideration according to is if the pants should be cuffed. For lanky, tall men, cuffs can be extremely flattering. Also, pleated pants need the cuff weight to keep the pleat in place. When a man is short, they are going to look taller without the cuffs and these aren’t necessary for those who choose to wear flat-front pants. If pants are purchased from Unionbay or a similar provider and they come with cuffs, a tailor can easily take them out without having to significantly alter the pants. Also, tailors can add cuffs to pants when needed.

Zipper or Button

There are some men who care about this, while others don’t. However, if a person has a strong feeling about this, they need to check the closure before purchasing the pants. This will ensure they get the option that is preferred.

Slit or Slash Pockets

The majority of men’s pants available for purchase today will have angled pockets on the sides, which are commonly referred to as slash pockets. However, there are some variations for the back pockets. In most cases, dress pants won’t be made with patch pockets. Instead, there will be slit pockets. These may have a button closure, but many don’t. If the back pockets on the pants are not described, be sure to look at the picture to see what kind is used.

It is not impossible for men to find the right pants for their needs and style. However, getting the right fit is a crucial consideration that can’t be overlooked. Be sure to keep the information here in mind when shopping for pants to ensure that the right ones are found and worn, regardless of a man’s style or preferences, or what they have to spend.

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