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GTO to Launch in Top Ten Exchanges in the World

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GTO to Launch in Top Ten Exchanges in the World

November 12
00:36 2019

GTO, which attracted much attention from global blockchain enthusiasts, scheduled to launch the world’s top 10 exchanges around mid-February 2020.  At the same time, GTO reached initial online cooperation with other well-known exchanges in the world, bringing high-quality investment projects to investors around the world.

GTO is a comprehensive digital application ecological platform based on 5G and blockchain technology and the next generation of global intelligent distribution sharing network.  The project was jointly initiated by the GTO Foundation and KKA Telecom Capital of the United States, and won the strategic investment of IDC Consortium on Wall Street.  Its core team members came from large high-tech Internet companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and ATT telecom operators, and have many core leading technologies in 5G, AI, IOT, big data and other fields.

GTO’s 5G technology can achieve the interconnection of everything.  This includes the Internet of Things, the Internet of vehicles, unmanned driving, industrial control, smart cities and other fields. It is capable of real-time and fast transmission of hardware data.  GTO’s blockchain is tamper-proof, secure, traceable and zero-knowledge proof technology, which can provide a decentralized solution for large-scale collaboration between devices. GTO combines 5G and blockchain technology to accelerate the landing of application scenarios.

GTO project has five features: 1. Telecom network infrastructure;  2. Mining in multiple ways;  3. Limited issuance and never additional issuance;  4. The economic model is incomparable.  5. The landing of core business application.  It is estimated that by about June 2020, GTO’s network benefit connection will reach a certain magnitude and will gradually be created under the superposition effect of time scale, circulation transaction and cognitive accumulation.

An autonomous organization that builds a win-win situation.

A system with connectivity to the future;

A digital asset scarce in the future world.

GTO Landing of Core Business Applications: Smart City Construction, 5G Cloud Games, 5G Medical Care, 5G Virtual Education. The next three years will see the landing of applications in 5G smart car networking, brain networking, future robots, etc.

GTO, relying on its superior technology and abundant operating resources, has now cooperated with high-quality enterprises and institutions around the world to jointly develop a number of landing applications:

1. The construction of a smart city with close cooperation between GTO and South Korea’s Songdo City;

2. GTO has reached in-depth cooperation with Microsoft, Apple, Google and Blizzard to jointly develop 5G cloud gaming services.

3. GTO, Harvard University, Fay School, Rumsey Hall School and other high-quality well-known schools in the United States, together with professors and teachers of the schools, have set up “Hope Education Lab” 5G virtual reality education to solve children’s education problems for low-and middle-income families around the world.

4. GTO has in-depth cooperation with American, German and Japanese car manufacturers to jointly develop a new generation of car networking technology, to achieve the traceability of all parts of the car to whether they were produced by the original manufacturer or not. After the car manufacturer has connected with GTO car networking technology, the car manufacturer can directly handle the maintenance and inspection of the car online.

The next step of research and development will focus on brain networking and future robotics. GTO will cooperate with top scientific research institutions and universities in the United States to develop new technologies that can explore the connection between the structure and function of human cranial nerves. It is no longer a fantasy but a reality to use “thoughts” to control the movement of objects.

GTO is very confident to become a global subversive and influential project.  Its influence may even surpass Facebook and btc, bringing a new round of investment dividends to the world.

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