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November 05
02:27 2019

Dynamic Musical Duo VIXEVERSA Discusses Finding Their Passion, Inspiration, and the Future 

For Jay Denero and Dre Cash-PLXTINUM (born James Edison Davenport and DeAndrew Marquis Nathan, respectively) music is both a passion and way of life. Together, they have formed the NYC based musical duo VIXEVERSA. The duo, originally from Detriot, uses their music to creatively express themselves. Here is an interview I’ve had with the two artists, who discuss discovering their passion, their inspiration, and plans they have for the future.

How did you discover your musical talents?

Jay Denero: I was always around it when I was younger, so it just rubbed off on me. I started off in the church playing instruments first, then later on, I took a try on writing my own music.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: In 5th grade, we would have rap battles at the lunch table and I would practice freestyling to myself before bed every night. That led me to wanting to write songs. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Jay Denero: Just hearing it all the time growing up, from being in church or even just listening to music in the car with my Dad. There was one time when my mother recorded her own song and that stuck with me. It made me curious to see what it would sound like from my own voice. As I got older, I started to learn different aspects of music – like the therapeutic side of it. To me, music is its own language, which made me even more fascinated to dive in, study and learn as much as I can. 

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: Watching my older cousin make music and watching music videos all the time growing up. I also used to watch a lot of 106&Park, wishing that I was one of their featured artists on the show.

What was your experience like growing up and has it impacted your music?

Jay Denero: I grew up around a lot of singers in my family. Things were pretty smooth for the most part coming up, but it wasn’t until I got older that I could really understand the world for myself. That’s when things began to get a little “rocky” at times. From family problems and losses to problems within myself, music began to serve as a getaway, or escape, without all the drugs and traveling to other places. It was like there was a song for any way I was feeling. I have to give my Dad credit for my soulful side and showing me all of the legends and classics; and my mother credit for instilling the Christian influences in me, creating the perfect blend.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: Growing up I watched a lot of TV, movies and played video games every day. My imagination was always running wild which built a character inside of me. When I reached middle school/high school, I started dealing with a lot of relationship problems and that is what I credit where the substance of my music comes from.

What is your main source of inspiration?

Jay Denero: I would say my family is my main source of inspiration. Just knowing that they gave me the world in any way that they could inspires me to give that back, with so much more. I love my family and my city Detroit I wanna give back and be a example for ones in my home town just show wit hard work and dedication any is possible..

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: My everyday life, the things that I see going on in other people’s lives around me. It could be something I see on the internet or something as simple as a conversation with a friend. Everything around me inspires me most importantly my family and my city just to know I’m one of the very few that’s making out and gaining that recognition Means a lot . 

How is creating music as a duo different from being a solo artist?

Jay Denero:  Creating music as a duo comes with more perks than cons. It’s like a boost actually, if I lack in some areas, I know my brother got me – and VIXEVERSA, lol! But for the most part, it’s helpful. I may not have a direction for certain songs, I could just listen to what he has to get a head start if needed. It makes the music better if you ask me, there’s always two sides being presented with everything which will keep people interested in seeing two mindsets come together to make a whole.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: You don’t have to write more than one verse! Honestly, if I am stuck on an idea for a song, Jay will have one and VIXEVERSA, then we execute together. We are always bouncing ideas off of one another, the creative process is much easier and our catalog grows much faster.

What is the creative process like?

Jay Denero:  The creative process is really about having a variety of beats to listen to and just pressing record. Vibe out and whatever comes to mind is what comes out, or if its a certain way that we are feeling, if something is on our mind, that is what will end up on the song.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM:  We start by finding a beat, record mumbles on it, find a cadence and then add words that fit. It’s similar to a freestyle and edit process.   

Where did the name VIXEVERSA come from?

Jay Denero:  The name came up in a conversation we just rocked with it ever since. Not only as a name but in showing our versatility at the same time.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM:  We were just having an organic conversation and one of us said “vice versa.” We both stopped mid-conversation and said, “You know what, that’s what our name is gonna be.” We decided then and there to spell it “VIXEVERSA” all one word, all capital letters.

What sets VIXEVERSA apart from other musicians in the genre?

Jay Denero: VIXEVERSA is our own unique genre. We never limit ourselves to one area which creates and makes our sound so different from other artists out there.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM:  We mix the Melodic, Wave, Hip-Hop, RnB, and Pop all into one sound, it creates a chill vibe with a bounce to bring energy to the audience it’s a lot of artists out there trying to steal the wave but that can do it like us we own that flav lol 

What are your fans like and how do you respond to them?

Jay Denero:  Our fans are AMAZING! We couldn’t have asked for a better support team. We communicate with our fans like we’ve known each other for a minute. It’s all family this way, ya dig!?

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: Most of our fans are young females ages 16-25. They show A LOT of love by making posts on social media of themselves listening to our songs. They’re always ready for new music and content from us. We make a point to respond by engaging with them on social media, liking and responding to their comments and messages on DM. Just showing our appreciation for their support we also have a very nice size older crowd that’s gifted by way of some of our mentors like  CEO P Detroit Birdmanzoe &, Joe The Boss New York .

What lead you to support the organization A Voice 4 The Unheard? Do you have plans to work with more non-profit organizations in the future?

Jay Denero and Dre Cash-PLXTINUM:  The CEO of the organization is actually a close friend of ours and mentor, we explained to him that we wanted to support his cause in any way that we could. And YES! We are all for giving back in any way possible so we will continue to work with non-profit organizations that have missions that we believe in.

What goals do you have for 2020?

Jay Denero: Our 2020 goals consist of reaching millions of people all over the world with our music, spreading positive energy equally while turning up to good vibes. Also, we want to be able to support our families more and continue doing what we love the most if you don’t know VIXEVERSA now you will know us 2020.

Dre Cash-PLXTINUM:  It would be great to see some plaques on the wall, touring the world and gaining more fans on a global level be able to give back to my city Detroit working with some of the greats making VIXEVERSA a household name and global brand.

What’s it like to be a member of the (IAAINC) INDEPENDENT ARTIST ADMINISTRATION INC.

Jay Denero and Dre Cash-PLXTINUM: The Organization Changed our life took us in as priority Worked with us on one on one basis groomed Us to the artist we are today the IAA came about but that organization belongs to our biggest mentor CEO P he went against all odds wit us moved us from Detroit to NYC and introduced us to people and took us into places that’s been apart of our growth that we couldn’t do alone P ah real individual he humble and respectful so we seen the INDEPENDENT ARTIST ADMINISTRATION come  from just a idea to where it’s at now so working with the IAAINC has been life changing to say the less.

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