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Zenus Bank introduces an innovative solution to open an American bank account online

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Zenus Bank introduces an innovative solution to open an American bank account online

November 03
05:54 2019
Learn the smart way to open a US business bank account from overseas with a new, prominent fintech company, Zenus Bank

Zenus Bank is an innovative American bank that is poised with changing the financial services industry with their innovative banking solutions. The company is launching an account opening product that will remove any geographical or geopolitical barrier, making it difficult for people, particularly foreigners, to open a bank account in the United States. The fantastic solution from Zenus will allow individuals and companies worldwide to open accounts remotely, ushering in a truly borderless bank system.

The United States remains one of the most visited countries in the world as businesses and individuals look to tap into the immense opportunities of God’s own country. One of the major challenges faced by millions of people and businesses outside the US is the relative difficulty in doing financial transactions using a US bank account. With geopolitical factors and other hindrances, making it difficult for people to open an American business bank account for non-residents, the country seems to be losing millions of dollars yearly in potential business deals. This is where Zenus Bank is looking to make a difference introduction of their borderless banking solution.

The bank aims to facilitate financial inclusion by removing geopolitical barriers to help people get ahead and ease the process of opening an American bank account for foreigners. Zenus Bank leverages technological advancements to offer a new, transparent, digital banking experience that ranks side by side with to financial services providers of the world.

Zenus aims to begin serving their customers by offering bank accounts and a multicurrency debit card before expanding to other services such as merchant processing, investment accounts and correspondent banking.

The bank’s goal is to ease the process of opening a multicurrency bank account in the United States, allowing users to access, send, receive and store money in the United States from anywhere in the world safely. In a similar vein, the bank waives many of the requirements that make it difficult to open a bank account in the US, allowing customers to open an account without providing proof of US residency.

Another feature of Zenus includes a private account ownership details protected by US Bank Secrecy Act, guaranteeing complete confidentiality for international clients. The bank also uses an award-winning digital banking technology accessible via Web, Mobile, Tablet and Debit Card to enhance user experience further.

In a bid to make the innovative banking solution accessible to millions of people worldwide, Zenus has introduced a reward program for influencers, allowing them to get a higher discount rate for every person they refer.

More information about Zenus Bank and their innovative banking solution can be found on their website.

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