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DAM Coolers: Revolutionizing the Portable Cooler

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DAM Coolers: Revolutionizing the Portable Cooler

November 03
03:35 2019
DAM Coolers: Revolutionizing the Portable Cooler

DAM Coolers have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their revolutionary portable coolers. Utilizing Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology, their coolers keep contents colder while also being both lighter & greener than the industry’s top performers.

Portable coolers have been available since the 1950s; however, the insulation material used has often come with issues relating to both hygiene and environmental impact. Add these to usability issues around weight, bulkiness, and cost, and it becomes evident that a better option is needed.

DAM Coolers realized that they could transfer the structure of the vacuum flask across to their portable coolers. Vacuum Insulated Panels utilize the concept of a gas-tight enclosure surrounding insulation material. This, in turn, results in the molecular movement of the air between the two layers being significantly reduced, resulting in a reduction of heat transfer by both conduction and convection.

VIPs offer up to seven times higher thermal insulation than traditional insulation materials of the same thickness. Just 1inch of VIP insulation replaces 7inches of fiber or foam insulation. Then there was the fact that the original usage expectation for coolers was less than 24 hours. DAM Coolers recognized that there was demand right now for a product that could maintain a constant temperature for much longer. VIPs can do precisely that for both heat and cold-sensitive cargo, maintaining the required temperature for up to one week without the need for any external power supply.

In the focus on temperature sustainability, design features have not been left behind. From drain plugs and tie-down slots through to ergonomically designed latches and side handles, the DAM Cooler has been designed for ease of use in any environment.

The team behind the Coolers came together in 2016 as a group of Executive MBA students working on their final business plan. As the project progressed and with the development of 3D printed models and prototypes, it became clear that their concept had massive potential for market launch.

The DAM name comes from the inspiration of two forces. Firstly, DAMs are critically tight human-made structures. They stop forces of nature, and they’re long-lasting precisely the same as the DAM Coolers. Then there’s the Beaver mascot of DAM Coolers. They are known as nature’s engineers with the DAMs and structures they build, protecting both them and their families while also providing natural bogs and wetlands, which a whole range of wild animals can benefit from. This then provides the inspiration for the environmental awareness behind both the DAM Coolers and the broader organization.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will inject funds into three aspects of the project. Firstly, some final adjustments are needed to the aesthetic and ergonomic design. Secondly, to secure the tooling required for the cooler, with two sizes of coolers and four main accessories, molds are the biggest initial cost for the project. And thirdly, some funding is needed to commence inventory production.

With capacity being available to produce 4,000 coolers per month, with scalability to 6,000 per month following month three, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers are now awaiting the go-ahead for production to commence.

For more information please visit DAM coolers website or Kickstarter campaign at: Kickstarter DAM V.I.P Coolers

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