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Early Intervention and The Role of Occupational Therapy

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Early Intervention and The Role of Occupational Therapy

October 29
05:09 2019
Early Intervention and The Role of Occupational Therapy

Early Intervention has slightly different meanings for various professionals. A person can learn about early intervention related to a child’s development, along with the role of occupational therapy in the early intervention process.

The term “early intervention” early refers to the important period of a child’s development between their birth and the age of three. Intervention refers to the treatment program that’s designed to maintain or improve a child’s development.

What Children Need Early Intervention Plans?

An early intervention plan for children is an effective option for those who are at a high risk of developmental delays. The main goal offered by early intervention is to help prevent an emotional, social, cognitive, or physical delay because of a biological risk factor, including fetal alcohol syndrome, low birth weight, etc. It also helps with environmental risk factors, such as homelessness or parental neglect in young children.

The Early Intervention Team

It’s important to understand that early intervention isn’t just limited to occupational therapy, though that’s a big part of it. Other professionals also have a role in this process. During early intervention, the role of the family members is crucial. An occupational therapist needs to collaborate with the family along with other professionals to provide better services.

This team approach, which is offered by Goodwin Therapy Specialists, is commonly used during early intervention. The professionals will work with one another to deliver the services needed, including everything from speech therapy to occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and more.

Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Early Intervention Process

For young children who need early support, occupational therapy is treated as a primary service. It provides assistance in the functional needs a child has.

An occupational therapist has the job of facilitating the independent functioning of infants along with toddlers and their families. A young child’s ability to function independently, based on their developmental age, is something that’s achieved with assessments and intervention in several areas. These areas include daily living skills, play, social-emotional development, sensorimotor development, adaptive coping, sensory modulation, and areas of motor control.

Services Offered by Early Intervention and Occupational Therapy

With early intervention, an occupational therapist will plan out the initial assessment that is done and determine some objective goals to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. After that point, the occupational therapist will use intervention strategies to further their efforts and provide help for the child. You can find more information at

Evaluation and Assessment for Occupational Therapy Services

This process is done to gather and interpret pertinent information regarding a child’s age, their medical history, health status, current level of functioning, and family support. All of this is necessary to ensure that the proper treatment plan is created.

Finding the Right Occupational Therapy Service Provider

Occupational therapy can be extremely beneficial, but it has to be the right plan for a specific child. Be sure to keep this in mind when trying to get a child the help they need.

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