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Jingling Shaking Baby launches a large market plan which helps the shopkeepers to seize the opportunity

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Jingling Shaking Baby launches a large market plan which helps the shopkeepers to seize the opportunity

October 29
01:48 2019

In the context of the disappearance of e-commerce and social bonus, and the increasing downward pressure on the economy, how can an individual entrepreneur find the biggest opportunity and bonus at present and in the future? On October 27, an affirmative answer was given at the summit forum of Jingling Shaking Baby’s big market strategy and wechat business transformation held in Changlong, Guangzhou.

At the summit, Jingling Shaking Baby announced its big market plan which propelled the new retail community under the opportunity and bonus. The big market strategy includes the cooperation with Tencent cloud, the live industry broadcast 2.0 million plan, the upgrade plan of business school, and a series of policies on technology, training and industrial chain optimization. Jingling Shaking Baby hopes more shopkeepers will “go home” to create value for their small family, the platforms and 100 million families in China.

Senior executives from Jingling Shaking Baby, relevant leaders of Guangdong e-commerce chamber of Commerce, Tencent cloud senior executives, social e-commerce experts, industry KOL and thousands of shopkeepers participated in the summit to discuss about the development of the second half of the new retail community. 

Triger triple value, Shaking Baby waits at home

This summit has a special theme of popularity and warmth: Waits at home.

The relevant person of Jingling Shaking Baby said that there are three levels of connotation within this home. First, as a new retail platform for the community, Jingling Shaking Baby continues to forge its core competitiveness and integrate its resources. Through a strong supply chain and after-sales service, it provides the shopkeepers with a first-class platform in terms of community, operation and product services.

Second, create value for practitioners’ families. In China, tens of millions of mothers bring their children at home every year. They have a lot of but not fixed leisure time. They have a full opportunity to do what they can to create extra value for their small family. Third, China’s tens of millions of families – The big family. Because the shopkeepers sell products with high cost-effective brand, on the one hand, they link the sinking market of China, 100 million families, on the other hand, they link the brand of the platform and the origin and industry behind.

Focusing on the above triple values, Jingling Shaking Baby launched a series of actions of the big market plan to capture the latest and largest dividends of e-commerce and realize the value of personal free time.

Cooperate with Tencent cloud to speed up and shift IT for new retail of the community

At the summit forum, Jingling Shaking Baby and Tencent cloud officially signed a contract. The two sides will further deepen cooperation in cloud computing, providing strong technical support and corresponding guarantee for Jingling Shaking Baby to continuously change the people and goods yard in the social scene and establish the credit system of social e-commerce.

According to the contract, Jingling Shaking Baby and Tencent cloud will cooperate in computing and network, storage and CDN, cloud database, cloud security, monitoring and management, domain name service, mobile and communication, video service, big data and AI and other products and services, comprehensively assist in the IT infrastructure construction of Jingling Shaking Baby, and use the power of technology to promote the continuous evolution of its business and better service. The shopkeeper and supply chain brand will guarantee the iterative innovation and high-speed development of the community’s new retail business.

The million plan comes out, and the industry live studio 2.0 helps the industry

At the scene of the event, Jingling Shaking Baby announced that it had upgraded its industry live studio – opened the industry live studio 2.0, and signed BaWen to officially launch the plan of “Qianxian Wanhong rural live studio”. Huang Ying (CAT), general manager of Shaking Baby, signed a contract with Xinba, the founder of Tianxia Xinnong. It will help county-level industries take off by creating “famous village” live broadcast, which will benefit 100 cities and 1,000 counties nationwide and establish 10,000 industry live broadcast studios to help industries and promote employment and local economy.

The industry live broadcast studio mode is a plan launched to serve the sinking market and the real industry economy. Through KOL and KOC, it can promote the real economy, promote related employment, and open another space for the live broadcast economy. 

As the best transformational platform, the Guangzhou e-commerce industry association highly praised Shaking Baby. On the site, the association and Shaking Baby jointly released the white paper of community new retail industry. Gong Wenxiang, an e-commerce expert, also visited the site and made relevent analysis on WeChat business, traditional e-commerce, transformation and upgrading of WeChat business, industry trend, etc.

It is reported that Jingling Shaking Baby has been the fastest growing new retail platform for applet community since it was launched in June 2018. At present, the capital parties include Tencent, Sky9 Capital, IDG capital, K2VC Changqing, Qiming Venture Capital, etc. It has made history in the industry – completed five rounds of financing in just over one year, with a total amount of nearly 2 billion yuan. The business development speed is the fastest. It took less than a year to accumulate 50 million users, and daily sales exceeded 10 million. Last year’s November 11 Festival, the platform sales day has exceeded 100 million.

How to seize the biggest opportunity and bonus of e-commerce at present and in the future? With the release of the big market plan of Jingling Shaking Baby, thousands of shopkeepers / KOCs are returning home. A great innovation force is accumulating, which will surely become the backbone driving e-commerce innovation and rapid development, and benefit hundreds of millions of families.

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