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Drs. Claudia and Frederick de Brabandt, world renowned medical doctors from Germany discussing the future of medical success

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Drs. Claudia and Frederick de Brabandt, world renowned medical doctors from Germany discussing the future of medical success

October 23
01:51 2019

Drs. Claudia and Frederick de Brabandt are world renowned medical doctors from Germany. They attend to various international patients from their base in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, and have been awarded with the Praxis + Award (Medical award) for their outstanding work and initiative with the clinic.

Their revolutionary approach to medicine, is communication to their patients, and their skill-set in the fields of andrology, gynecology, urology and anti-aging has been commended for many years. Dr. Frederick de Brabandt is not only a medical doctor, but also a consultant to pharmaceutical companies, and engages himself throughout the world in media and politics, speaking about the future of medicine. Today we will take the opportunity to further explore what is behind the man and his achievements. 

Dr. Frederick de Brabandt, you and your wife Dr. Claudia de Brabandt have received the “Ambassadors of Excellence” award after an assessment of over 5,000 medical clinics for your practice this year, what does it mean to you?

It is a great honor and acknowledgement to my team and I to have been awarded with the award for our medical clinic in Germany. It goes to show that our approach is working, and acts as a motivation to continue on our path. We are especially proud to not only have been awarded for the essence of our healthcare element, but also for our communication, social responsibility, media, and workforce development. We strongly believe that these also play a key role in trends of today and tomorrow.

Do expand on that notion – in what form have you introduced this philosophy in your approach to your medical work?

Both my wife and I share the idea that medicine needs to have a multi-dimensional approach in this world in which communication and transparency play a greater role. We interconnect a strong sense of making our medicine attainable for our patients, without letting science confuse or add unnecessary complexity. We intertwine positive communication and entertainment, together with the more opaque viewpoint of science that is involved in the job. Furthermore, social responsibility and systematic workforce development enables us to also reach out from our core healthcare function, and engage in a more holistic approach to what medicine and our medical clinic represents in our eyes.

Was it a proud moment for you and your wife to walk down the red carpet and receive what is considered the “medical Oscar”?

Absolutely – however it is not only my wife and I, but also our whole team that lies behind this achievement. We are very tight-knit, personify our philosophy at all ends, and fully believe in our approach for our patients. We are fully aware of the worth of our team, and we are proud to have won it for them.

You are a leading expert in the field of urology, and your wife’s expertise lies within Gynecology – how do merge the two into one clinic?

We are not only active in Europe, but have also various international patients which we often attain to from our other base in the United Arab Emirates. Our medical subjects of Andrology, Gynecology, Sexology, and Urology which we have in our clinics are all interlinked in some form and enable us to care for both man and woman comprehensively. A good example is the wish for a couple to bear children – without our knowledge and skill set in all those themes we would not be able to give a coherent opinion on approach, which thanks to our whole team we can.

Your practice is highly international – how do you cope with cultural differences and mentalities within your work sphere?

For my wife Claudia and me the intercultural element to our work keeps things interesting. Coming from Western medicine it is a positive and welcome challenge to be confronted by cultures in which for example natural products are highly valued in Chinese medicine or in Latin and South America, where as in our school of thought we utilize a lot of chemical products. We are continuously learning more things about our job and are trying to perfect it on a daily basis, and through past experience have been nudged to make use of natural products in our treatments whilst staying true to what we believe is a highly modern approach into enabling our patients the best results. We enjoy interacting with different people, and it is a welcome challenge to provide the best end results in all social situations.

You have also established yourselves as consultants and partners of various pharmaceutical companies?

Indeed – especially when it comes to study research for new, but already authorized medication. Focus lies on the documentation of their effects and side effects for patients to assure their accuracy. Partner clinics are assessed to have a very high quality standard, and that enables us to broaden our spectrum to cover another dimension in the medical field. We are very proud to be involved in this dynamic, and it is highly engaging to be at the forefront of scientific research in the field we love.

Lastly, Thank you so much for your time today, what is the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

Great question, thank you so much for having us and giving us the platform to tell our story, we can’t wait to help out many more people. The best way to get in contact with us is via email at or by email at [email protected] and lastly you can find us on linkedIn here:

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