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Innovative design studio turning historical art into modern decorative pieces debuts on Kickstarter

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Innovative design studio turning historical art into modern decorative pieces debuts on Kickstarter

August 08
23:27 2019
Mount Starling Art Design is a creative design studio which creates cutting-edge art pieces for room décor, inspired by classic paintings and sculptures.

How would you like to have a Rembrandt or Willem Claesz Heda’s classic masterpiece re-imagined on your living or bedroom wall? Well, a new innovative Hamburg-based design studio, Mount Starling, has dedicated itself into turning those lovely fascinations into reality for wall and room decor. The company has recently launched a campaign at Kickstarter for its visually stunning unique modern decorative pieces inspired by classic art.

The campaign is geared to raise around $16,821 by September 2, 2019.

Mount Starling Art Design aims to create state of the art designs for walls and interior that are inspired by magnificent visual ideas of classic painters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Courbet and other artists from early middle ages till the 19th century. From the archaic Mesopotamian sculptures to Renaissance frescos to panoramic landscapes of the 19th Century – Mount Starling designs derive their creative essence from everywhere.

“Our modern artsy decorative pieces are our homage to all the master paintings and sculptures which have been created right from the dawn of visual arts. Being passionate art enthusiasts, we have spent years studying classical art, and we have observed there was always some hint of modernity in these historic works. And our mission now is to bring that enthralling modernity to shine through our creative decorative pieces”, stated Konstantin Schimert, who has co-founded Mount Starling Art design with his brother Andreas Schimert.

So, how does this Hamburg studio transform classic art into modern decorative pieces?

In the words of Schimert brothers, they take to a wide range of creative techniques. One of them is through Shocking Colors. They create new unique color schemes for middle ages paintings to render a modern aura to them. Another method is Art Arrangement. This technique is about the extraction of interesting elements from classic paintings and rearranging them to create a modern art piece with a somewhat new surprising aura.

Other transformation techniques used by the design studio are Fragmentation and Cherry Picking. Fragmentation refers to the process of creating several art pieces from one historical painting. Cherry Picking refers to a creative visual concept where Mount starling designers extract prime details from classic paintings and combine them with new elements on monochrome backgrounds. 

Speaking further, the Schimert brothers focused on their global approach in the designs.

“We aim to create designs for every taste, style, environment, and culture. To achieve that, we have built a global team of highly talented young designers coming from various countries of the world. Our team is bustling with truly innovative ideas, and we wish to turn them into reality as soon as possible. We will collaborate with hand-picked studios and passionate specialists and will deploy high-performing printers and best kept handcrafted printing techniques for a marvelous result. But such an ambitious project demands robust financial support. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our creative ideas to life and render a new lease of life to the historical artworks.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on creative decorative pieces designed by the studio.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit

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