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Chungkimyungki – The Last Step of Make-Up For Women

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Chungkimyungki – The Last Step of Make-Up For Women

August 07
20:33 2019

Galls of quercus infectoria, has been traditionally used to treat common ailments in Asia for centuries as it has excellent antibacterial and antiviral effects against fungi. 

R&G Global has taken the extracts from galls of quercus infectoria as the main ingredient for their 360-degree, feminine wash spray product, Chungkimyungki.

Added with polygamma glutamic acid, their patented ingredient, and without any addition of purified water, it becomes an even more effective remedy for reducing odors, vaginal secretions, and inflammation, which is a common cause of anxiety for women. 


Chungkimyungki’s 360-degree, multi-angle spray type is specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of existing foam-type products, which has a high possibility of discoloring and skin damage to the Y-zone, which is extra sensitive than other skin area. The products that are designed to be inserted into vagina is also known to have a side effect which is that it drains out the good bacteria out of the vagina, which becomes a cause for inflammations and vaginal secretions.

Chungkimyungki’s Y-zone mist can be used anywhere, anywhere and does not need to be washed off after use. 

It is widely known that the use of water or general cleanser for women’s vaginal area breaks the balance of pH and furthermore leads to the possibility of increased harmful bacteria in the area. 

With a one-time application, Chungkimyungki lets women’s vagina to maintain the most ideal pH range, which is between 3.5 and 4.5 for the entire day. Furthermore, the balance of pH around vaginal area allows it to build stronger immunity system, which results in effective removal of odors. 

According to Mr. Hoon Joo Ryu, who founded R&G Global and developed Chungkimyungki, he notes that the slogan of Chungkimyungki is “as if it’s the last step of make-up”, as he envisions women to use Chungkimyungki as an everyday product, a product people will use as if it’s the last step of their make-up, not because they have vaginal complications, but because it’s effective and improves their daily lives. 

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