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Alysia Kaempf Aka HardBodyBarbie Presents her new HardBody Energy Drink

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Alysia Kaempf Aka HardBodyBarbie Presents her new HardBody Energy Drink

August 07
18:33 2019
Alysia Kaempf Aka HardBodyBarbie Presents her new HardBody Energy Drink
The famous fitness influencer is now entering the world of healthy energy drinks!

The soft drink market in the USA has been declining gradually in the recent past which has been attributed to health concerns about carbonated sugary drinks and the effects of the global financial recession which has caused consumers to abandon non-essential purchases.

At the same time, healthy beverages such as ready to drink teas, bottled water, fruit juices and other non-carbonated drinks have experienced steady growth. This trend indicates that consumers are shifting away from fizzy sugary drink and prefer healthier and economical alternatives.

The energy drink segment specifically has experienced the fastest growth in the industry; since its introduction in the US market in 1997, the segment has grown at an average rate of 20% compounded annually.

HardBody Energy Company is a new company based in Beverly Hills CA, which has developed a new energy drink product named HBE Energy that intends to exploit the marketing opportunity that currently exists while at the same time delivering a superior healthy product to consumers. This outlines a strategic marketing plan for the introduction and marketing of HBE Energy drink in the US market.

HBE Energy will be positioned as a healthy energy drink which contains natural sweetener Stevia and no sugar added. Caffeinated with Green Tea. Due to its low sugar and natural caffeine content, the product will appeal to diabetics, vegetarians, and the fitness community and health conscious members that constitute mainstream market.

HBE Energy targets the youth’s segments who are the main consumers of energy drinks and the product is designed to appeal to young people whose age is between 15 and 35 years. It is estimated that this age group comprises about 25% of the US market.

The lifestyle of the members of this group makes them to consume products that give them energy boosts, which also keeps them awake for long periods of time. This segment is easily accessible and can be effectively targeted because they are mainly found in colleges and campuses and in metropolitan centers and gyms across the countries.

The segment is also accessible through most of the marketing communication channels that are currently available. These include TV, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as new media such as the internet, social media, social media marketing and mobile phones amongst others. The members of this segment are able to afford the product since most of them are employed and have minimal financial responsibilities compared to other age groups.

About Alysia Kaempf:

Nothing is more electrifying than to hear the story of an individual from a humble rural background overcome all the challenges of humble beginnings and rise to stardom. It is always a heartwarming and passionate story. It gets people in similar situations inspired that they too can make it. This is the theme behind the story of Alysia Kaempf.

Alysia Kaempf owes her rise to glory to her chiseled-physique, unerring beauty, inimitable style, and relentless initiative that work in concert to provide a harmonious symphony that brings daily audience who watch, listen, and applaud. Like the branched-chain amino acids that help her grow, her attributes and actions are ramifying her life, giving her an opportunity to branch out in multiple directions from a single core.

The core that defines Alysia Kaempf’s life is physical fitness. An inveterate exerciser, Kaempf has developed her impressive physique by her hard work, dedication, and consistency. She has a true passion for fitness. She exercises for health and pleasure; putting her 110% into every workout. Exercise is an end in itself for Kaempf, who pages through multiple exercises daily, an endemic enterprise that is leading to social contagion.

Alysia Kaempf’s body is 100% natural. She has developed her bodacious butt from her consistence workout over the years since she was 14 years old. This has earned her a brand ambassadorship for subscription Lingerie Company. Also she has a special online program which is titled ‘How to build a natural booty’.

The most impressive thing was that she was on a TV show called TMZ and a hip hop blog called Worldstarhiphop because of her natural booty. She is also has her own supplement line and a women’s apparel, men’s apparel, t-shirts and now to add to her list of accomplishments are her very own energy drink.. Her goal is to empower and inspire women all over the world to get an amazing natural body like hers.

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