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US Based Afro-Pop Artist Embraces his “Inner Monkey” – Get ready for Rafeke

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US Based Afro-Pop Artist Embraces his “Inner Monkey” – Get ready for Rafeke

June 28
01:20 2019
US Based Afro-Pop Artist Embraces his “Inner Monkey” - Get ready for Rafeke

Rafeke is here. Have you seen the Lion King? Trick question? Nope. Prepare your mind, eyes, and ears for an epic tale like none other. Disney took zero chances, and with this kind of all-star lineup, July is sure to be lit in more ways than one. *cue fireworks*. To be clear, it’s “Rafiki” in The Lion King, but the true, phonetic pronunciation rä-ˈfē-kē seems a better fit for this particular story.

Rafeke is Izzy Olaore’s artistic cocktail of creative expression through music and words. Rafeke/Olaore has teamed up with his Day 1 super producer and engineer Twik Hozay, in collaboration with hip hop / rap heavyweight producer Beats by Jayy (Big Daddy Jayy) and afrobeats, trap producer Mike Misan to bring us a 3-piece new music project titled: The Birth of a Rafeke: scheduled to premiere this July alongside disney’s highly anticipated remake of the classic Lion’s tale.

“I chose to go by “Rafeke” for a couple reasons (**chuckles**), but the main reason was because I wanted to embrace my inner monkey,” says Rafeke. “Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some more shenanigans, soon come,” he said, responding to questions about his new name change from ‘Izzy Olaore’.

“Futuristic sounds, intricate melodies, raw emotions, and positive energies fill your eardrums from the moment you press play… “Ball Don’t Lie” is definitely a classic!” Twik Hozay adds.

Those who one who have followed Izzy’s artistic journey would say and have said that he never fails to deliver and always seems to supersede their expectations. 

For those of you who haven’t watched the Lion King movie, Rafiki plays a very integral, behind-the-scenes role in the journey and triumph of king Simba, and as such, Rafeke has even speculated pitching a prequel of the saga, calling it “The Lion’s King”. It would follow the story of King Mufasa, (Simba’s father) and Rafiki, his baboon of a best friend.

Enjoy “Ball Don’t Lie”, the first AVE (audio/visual experience) off the EP, and anticipate the playlist, “soon come”.


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